10 colors particularly in vogue this winter

10 colors particularly in vogue this winter

10 colors particularly in vogue this winter

Want to change your mind for the year 2022? To put a little light in your hair to face the winter? It’s decided, you intend to change your mind! Yes, but here it can frankly be difficult to decide. As we explained to you recently, blond is getting gray shades for winter 2022. Just as hibernation hair is emulated.

Looking for inspiration to choose the perfect hair color for you? The editorial staff presents the 10 trendiest colors of the season! Finally, the most difficult will surely be to choose…

1 – Expensive Brunette

Since the start of the pandemic and the various confinements we have experienced, our lives have been turned upside down. Not to mention the state of our hair, deprived of their favorite hairdresser! As a result, brunettes have learned to love their natural hair. This winter, they intend to leave them as they are, with some golden highlights for the warmest and most elegant result. This color is called expensive brunette.

2 – Money Piece Highlights

A happy medium between two-tone hair and sweeping! This is’clearly lighten 2 strands on the front of the face, on either side of the hairline. We then continue with a scan only on the lengths that are at the front of the face. A simple way to change your look, without having to do a color!

3 – Dark hair

Here, we’re going to bring a “sunburn” effect to her hair, while waiting for the summer of 2022! It is actually a sweeping (or shaded) without a clear demarcation between the lengths and the roots. It respects the natural color of the hair and requires less maintenance than a classic ombré. Do not panic if you are dark brown and are afraid of finding yourself blond, the dark hair consists of a gradual lightening…

4 – The light blond

If you have fairly light hair, know that you are already on top of the top! Like every year, the trend is towards lightening in winter. We come to give a boost to his blonde (without falling into polar or blue gray). The most daring will even leave their roots slightly dark.

5 – Caramel mocha

If you have fair skin, this coloring is really made for you! It will illuminate your complexion much more than a dark brown. Caramel mocha is just a sweeping trend now. It now fits all over the head and consists of a warm color, between chestnut and red. Bright and warm, we really like this color.

6 – White hair

Do you have white hair and are constantly using color to hide it? Stop everything! You are naturally beautiful and the hairstyle trends only confirm it ! Of course, it is advisable to maintain its radiant white with shampoos specially designed for it.

7- Copper Hair

Did you feel it coming while waiting for all your friends to talk about the red color? It did not fail! Copper and/or auburn hair is top of the line this winter. This coloring makes our hair a real flamboyant mane! Be careful though, it requires some maintenance and therefore, a certain budget.

8 – Raven Black

We thought this coloring definitely intended for the closet… And yet! Brilliant as you wish, the black coloring gives us an air as mysterious as it is sophisticated.. Of course, winter is the ideal time to adopt it. Be careful if you have very fair skin, this could create a complicated contrast to manage on a daily basis.

9 – Pink red

Do you feel like an artist? What if you opt for pink red? Indeed, this deliciously regressive color is not only trendy on our clothes! So we start with a red base (rather clear) and we integrate light pink reflections. All this, giving an original color, perfect to brighten up your winter!

10 – Strawberry Blonde

In the same vein as the pink red, the strawberry blond starts from a light blond base and is adorned with more or less pronounced pink reflections. Be careful to ask your hairdresser to have a light hand if you want it to remain discreet. And if you have no problem with very marked coloring, opt for a flamboyant strawberry!

We told you: all these hair colors make you really want! Always ask your hairdresser for advice if you have any doubts. As a professional, he/she will be able to give the best advice according to your complexion. You can also take the opportunity to ask him for advice on the maintenance of your new haircut. You may need specific products for your shampoo or your colored hair mask for example.

While waiting for you to make your decision, here are 8 simple tips to take care of your hair in winter. And 9 bad habits to banish if you want to keep hair in excellent health.

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