10 cuts & hairstyles for a “volume” effect

10 cuts & hairstyles for a “volume” effect

10 cuts & hairstyles for a “volume” effect

You have beautiful fine hair that everyone envies you. However, on your side you find the picture a little less encouraging. Fine hair is beautiful yes (like all hair types for that matter), but it can be tricky to style, especially when aiming for volume. The editorial staff offers you a short guide that should save you a few sighs of despair in the morning in front of your mirror.

1 – The retro bob for fine hair

In order not to weigh down your hair and therefore risk making it even flatter at the root, it is advisable for people with fine hair toadopt a rather short haircut. The retro square could therefore turn out to be your best friend. A little degraded at the back of the headit will give your hair a perfect ball effect to give them volume.

2 – Bet on the waves

Another tip for those with fine hair: bet everything on the wavy. The advantage is that this alternative suitable for all hair lengths. The ripples will bring a very appreciable relief effect to your hair. Volume guaranteed!

If you don’t have naturally wavy hair or want to avoid using heat, you can fine sleeping with a braid or twists like when you were little. I promise, it still works just as well.

3 – Layered long cut

If you still want to keep your length, you can ask your hairdresser.se to make you a gradient. Similar to waves, cascading your hair will give an impression of relief and therefore of volume.

4 – The unstoppable trick of thick bangs

We can see your face from here… No, thick bangs don’t necessarily mean bangs on thick hair. It is not based on the nature of the hair, but on the way it is cut. Nothing incompatible with fine hair so. On the contrary, it will bring them matter. Success of the volume mission!

5 – This way the scarves

For those who do not really want to cut their hair to achieve this desired volume, there is also the solution of accessories. The king of them this season, namely the scarf, could serve you well. You can for example use it to give structure to a low hairstyle Like on the photo.

Another idea: use your scarf as a strand of your braid. A hairstyle to decline according to the styles and tastes of each one. What could be better ?

6 – The pixie cut, ideal for fine hair

Notice to those who would be tempted by the short cut, but a little less fan of the tapered side around the face. Try the boyish or pixie cut. Lightweight, fashionable and easy to wearshe is also extremely easy to maintain on a daily basis.

7 – The square bob

We save you yet another speech on short haircuts and fine hair. However, here is another alternative: the square bob, feminine and easy to stylewhich doesn’t hurt anything.

8 – The braided crown

A hairstyle that is only for the most gifted among us unfortunately under penalty of having very sore arms. However, if you want to lift your hair while giving the impression that it has volume, braided crowns will be your best friends.

9 – Curtain bangs for fine hair

The curtain fringe or the perfect volume illusion since it frames your face with two wavy and degraded locks. And we’ve already said it, but long live the waves and layers when you have fine hair.

10 – The parting on the side

Don’t have volume? Create it by moving your parting a few centimeters, to one side or the other. This will volumize your cut at the roots without having to fiddle with scissors or develop styling skills by following YouTube tutorials.

Hoping that you have found your happiness among this selection. Keep in mind that your hair is beautiful, volume or not.

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