10 cuts & hairstyles that will be a hit this summer 2022

10 cuts & hairstyles that will be a hit this summer 2022

10 cuts & hairstyles that will be a hit this summer 2022

This summer it’s decided, you intend to change your style and let go of your hair a little. But what to opt for? What are the fashionable haircuts and hairstyles? The editorial staff has carried out its little overview and presents its inspiring selection…

The trendy cuts of summer 2022

If you don’t mind, let’s start with the haircuts that will be the most popular this summer

1 – The bob with fringe

Just like this winter, short haircuts continue to be popular this summer. Requiring little maintenance, the square with bangs is a marked hairstyle that immediately gives style. Particularly suitable if you have fine hair that lacks volume.

2 – The bixie cut

Do you remember the success of the pixie cut and the bob cut? Well the mixture of the two gave the bixie. A shaggy mix with layered highlights to add texture and dimension to the hairstyle. Ideal if you have an assertive style!

3 – The bottleneck bangs

Already adopted by Australian actress and producer Margot Robbie, Belgian singer Angèle and American actress and model Dakota Johnson. The bottleneck bang is a slightly rounded bangs accompanied by a pronounced gradient on the lengths. The goal ? Create volume and perfectly frame the face. It is also suitable for all body types.

4 – The mullet cut

Yes, but version 2022! The mullet cut has been on top for several seasons, relaunched among others by Miley Cyrus. Short in front, very degraded and long behind, this cut was king between 1970 and 1980. So, do you dare for the summer or not?

5 – The wolfcut

We were already talking about it last summer, the wolfcut cut continues to ride on success! This is a cut between the shag and the mullet. A bit crazy, it is suitable for all face shapes and all hair types. We like it a lot!

The queen hairstyles of summer 2022

You don’t necessarily want to change your cut, but want to test original hairstyles? You are in the right place ! Here are the most irresistible hairstyles of the summer season 2022…

1 – Twisted braids and double bun

The vintage wave invades both our dressing room and our hairstyle ideas! For this one, you’ll need a few flat pins and a bit of practice. An ideal hairstyle for going to work or swimming at the beach.

2 – Half ponytail and scarf

Impossible to resist… Very simple to make, it nevertheless gives a very nice effect. We advise you to adapt the length of the scarf to the length of your hair. Do not hesitate to opt for a colored scarf and to spray a little hairspray so that the whole thing holds perfectly.

3 – Loose hair & double braid

American model and entrepreneur Hailey Bieber has been seen a lot sporting this simple and deliciously regressive hairstyle. Simply wave your hair slightly (wavy effect) and make two thin braids on each side of the face. Ideal for not having hair in the eyes !

4 – Bonded braids & high ponytail

This is a beach hairstyle that is likely to win all the votes! You can easily keep it throughout your vacation. Be careful, the braids stuck to the sides of the skull take a bit of practice to do them perfectly.

5 – Crab claw bun

If you follow hair trends, you have certainly noticed the return of vintage accessories such as the crackle clip that we wore in the 90s. Simple and easy to achieve, this hairstyle will follow us throughout the summer season!

So ready to take the plunge and get your hair cut? Be careful though: if the fringe is ultra trendy this year, it can quickly become disabling when the temperatures rise. Take it into account before asking your hairdresser for one. If you want to test it, we know a way that will save you from cutting your hair!

In the meantime, you can always try one of these awesome summer hairstyles. Any beauty ideas to share? We are waiting for you on our forums.

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