10 cutting ideas to finally dare

10 cutting ideas to finally dare

10 cutting ideas to finally dare

In the hair universe, trends follow one another. After the return in force of the bowl cut or the intrepid boyish hairstyle, it is the shaved hair that is popular. Actress Kristen Stewart, model Cara Delevingne, singer Rihanna and other iconic celebrities have taken this electric look by storm. Halfway between androgynous style and elegance, this daring cut will be the envy of everyone. The hotheads will rush without delay to the aces of the scissors.

Conversely, for the skeptics, difficult to have the click. Saying goodbye to her long, sparkling mane can be tricky. To stop messing up your bun with that little inner voice that makes you doubt, dive into our crazy selection. Shaved hair is synonymous with freedom and modernity. So what are you waiting for to adopt it?

Shaved hair, the field of possibilities

Taking the leap can be like a dangerous plunge. So as not to find yourself overwhelmed by this unknown wave, drink thick advice. From extreme, to moderate through lightness, the shaved cut adapts to every personality. If you are looking for a real transition and are hungry for hair color, go for a grunge style. You can draw lines on your skull or carve original shapes.

On the contrary, do you want to start by crossing several levels? Choose the “pixie cut” to start. This glamorous, rock and chic alternative genre brings pep to the complexion. Then comes the undercut, a cut where only the nape is released. Ideal for punk and uninhibited souls. Few years ago, the sidecut was also very successful. As the name suggests, it involves shaving only part of the head. Perfect for an urban and contemporary look. No more chatter, to take a careful look at this daring trend, make way for our spicy selection.

1 – Undercut on frizzy hair and zigzag on the side

2 – Plated wavy hair and rosy highlights

3 – Wavy and tie and dye

4 – Close-shaved hair, platinum coloring

5 – Light gradient, combed-disheveled

6 – Partial ripples

7 – Close-shaved hair and rainbow patterns

8 – Shaved hair with blonde frizz

9 – Shaved hair with layered colors

10 – Undercut bowl cut version

A trend boosted by confinement

According to Google search data, the keyword “short hair styles” has never been so coveted as this year. In the UK, “short side” requests are up 250% and “pixie cut” is up 160%. Long hair, sometimes bulky and difficult to maintain, obviously does not attract as much as before. But with the approach of the chisel, the eyes widen and the urge for change lessens. The fairer sex hardly takes the step of the short cut. Conversely, men are masters of the razor. They do not hesitate to launch into the famous “zero ball” to camouflage baldness or to try out a challenge.

During the various confinements, some amateurs even improvised apprentice hairdressers. On the women’s side, the trend germinated later. Bruce Willis set the tone. On his Instagram account, he posted a video of him shaving his daughter Tallulah’s hair. a strong gesture that rhymes with renewal. Her face shines and her fine features light up. We discover another woman even more fatal and bewitching.

The short hair thus sign a renaissance, a turning point or an emotional refresh. This minimalist and powerful cut shakes up the ideals of female beauty. For decades, it has fascinated. In addition, hair masks, treatments and other expensive products are emptied from the bathroom. A relief for the wallet.

Bye-bye indomitable knots, split ends and endless hair rituals! With shaved hair, the “regular maintenance” box disappears. No need to do without painful brush strokes or keep 1001 unsightly rubber bands on your wrist. This speed so adored by all women in a hurry is finally coming to the fore … And you, would you be ready to give it a go? Let us know what you think of this trend on our forum.

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