10 ideas of cuts & hairstyles to highlight them

10 ideas of cuts & hairstyles to highlight them

10 ideas of cuts & hairstyles to highlight them

They get tangled quickly, have no bulk, are very fragile, but they have the advantage of being very easy to handle, which leaves the possibility of doing what you want! Fine hair can be a nightmare if you don’t know how to tame it. If this is your case, rest assured, we have managed to find you cuts and hairstyles to have a beautiful mane. The idea is of course not to spend 3 hours on the styling, clearly no one has time for that. Here are just some easy ideas.

The cuts for fine hair to favor

The longer the hair, the heavier it is and give a flat effect. Thin hair is often straight and straight already, so there is no need to accentuate the problem. We also avoid tapered cuts which remove thickness and therefore volume.

1 – The false short or the mid-length

We leaves enough lengths, but not too much to give volume and fullness to the hair. Let yourself be tempted by a very trendy cut: the bob.

2 – The plunging square

He will give an impression of volume and lightness.

3 – The gradient

If we choose a mid-length cut, we degrade it to the maximum on the tips.

4 – the pixie cut

It is ideal for give back matter with flat hair. Why not add bangs to give movement.

Hairstyles suitable for fine hair

A little bit of dry wax that you heat well in the hands and here is how to modulate your hairstyle.

5 – wavy waves

It will also bring them a little bohemian touch very glamorous. You can highlight them with a loose bun or low ponytail.

6 – The loops

More defined and tighter, they will be perfect to give volume easily. With a messy half bun and voila !

7 – crimped hair

Very trendy, this hairstyle will allow you to get a much denser material and voluminous that you can then style as you wish.

8 – The crimped hair

Detangle hair with a comb going from the tips to the roots to boost their volume. Then you can achieve a banana bun, a glossy wet look or an airy shell to a little more rock look.

9 – The braids

Boxer Braids, ears of wheat, crown of mats, glued braid … They give a voluminous effect and worked on hairdressing.

10 – The high ponytail

It highlights the face especially if it is tight. Let go of two strands at the front for a looser effect.

Color level, choose a deep shade with a few lighter strands to give an effect of density. And last little tip, the “sea water” effect sprays. Magic after a blow of the hair dryer, they transform the material of your hair. Share your tips for taking care of your fine hair on the forum, category Beauty, Make-up.

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