10 tips for this fall

10 tips for this fall

10 tips for this fall

Just like our skin, our hair has undergone sun and sea baths and needs to be recharged. Take advantage of the start of the school year to pamper them in order to guarantee you top-notch hair all year round!

Hair care: our 10 tips for a hair-raising fall!

As we advised you at the beginning of September, it is necessary to take time for yourself to guarantee your well-being as autumn arrives. Why not use these cocooning moments to take care of your hair? In order to find shiny, silky and vigorous hair here are our back-to-school tips!

Tip # 1: Repair Spikes

Wind, salt and sun haven’t helped your ends this summer, especially if you have long hair. If you find many forks there, consider having them cut to strengthen your hair and consider adopting a restructuring treatment now to nourish the hair fiber.

Be careful, if your roots tend to be oily, be sure to apply the treatment only to the ends.

Restructuring hair care plus Ojon oil, 100 ml: € 32

Tip 2: slow down their fall

It is quite natural to lose hair every day, know that we lose on average 50 to 100 ! Beyond that, you have to take things in hand!

Hair loss may be due to a hormonal problem, for example after childbirth! But also to a dietary imbalance, a state of stress or fatigue, depression or emotional shock or quite simply to the change of season.

Do not panic, in the event of an occasional reaction fall, the damage can be limited with the help of a strengthening cure. Consult your pharmacist.

Tip 3: fight against dry hair

Dry hair is the hair that needs the most care at the start of the school year. It is essential to feed them in order to make them more resistant. The ideal is to apply a repairing oil on the hair, do not hesitate to compile the treatments if your hair feels the need.

Full Repair – Repairing Oil Elixir by John Frieda, 100 ml: € 13.50

Tip 4: regain shine

We all know our grandmothers’ trick of rinsing their hair with vinegar in order to guarantee them unparalleled shine! It works, but the smell is not necessarily pleasant, so we opt for the second tip available to all: perform the last rinse with cold water to tighten the hair fiber.

If this is not enough, do not hesitate to opt for a targeted hair treatment to choose according to your type of hair: a milk for example or for hair with an oily tendency a spray without rinsing.

Luminescence Detangling Protective Milk by Léonor Greyl, 150 ml: € 36.90 – Brilliant from Aveda, 75 ml: € 28

Tip 5: avoid assaults

Obviously, when you’re a woman, you’re never happy with what you have. If our hair is straight, we would like it to be curly, those which have curled it straighten it out. Brunettes fade to blondes etc. Even if nowadays all these techniques are much gentler than at one time, they contribute to the aggression of our hair.

It is therefore imperative to limit colors, discolorations, straightening and brushing and to avoid styling products that suffocate the hair fiber as much as possible.

Tip 6: space out the shampoos

It is well known that the more you wash your hair the faster it grows! It is therefore essential to space your shampoos as much as possible every two days. Difficult for those who have the root which grows back very quickly, you will tell us! To not look sloppy, it’s the perfect time if you have long hair to try a little original hairstyles that do not hold if the hair is too clean: a messy bun or why not succumb to the braids trend from the moment ?

You can also opt for a dry shampoo as long as its use is not abusive and is only used to give a clean boost between two shampoos.

Sephora Express Dry Shampoo, 75 or 150 ml: € 5.95 Where € 9.95

Tip # 7: massage your scalp

Who does not take pleasure in the scalp massage when going to the hairdresser? It is quite possible to repeat this moment of well-being at home by taking advantage of these benefits: oxygenation of the scalp, stimulation of micro-circulation. By massaging the scalp we optimize the action of our shampoos and treatments!

Tip 8: boost your volume

Fine, flat hair often gives us a hard time! Finding the ideal hairstyle is a real headache because as soon as you have too much length you end up with a dripping mop on your head, so finding the volume effect left by the hairdresser at home is not easy.

It is essential to opt for a special volume hair treatment! First of all, opt for a volumizing shampoo! Avoid masks and conditioners that weigh down the hair and choose a volume spray instead.

Pure Abundance, Volumizing Shampoo from Aveda, 250ml: € 22 – Luxurious Volume, thickening brushing lotion by John Frieda, 125 ml: € 9.90

Tip # 9: Treat Colored Hair

Sensitized, colored hair requires special care, it is therefore necessary to use a range of shampoo and care specially designed for colored hair. Otherwise, use a very mild shampoo!

Tip # 10: try dietary supplements

Few of them have a perfectly balanced diet and there is nothing to be ashamed of! If, despite the precautions and care given to your hair, it lacks vitality, tone and shine, perhaps you should consider dietary supplements.

They are to be taken in general 2-3 months and the change of season is an ideal period. Consult your pharmacist.

We hope that with our advice, you are ready to have dream hair all year round!

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