12 haircuts ideas to adopt at the start of the school year

12 haircuts ideas to adopt at the start of the school year

12 haircuts ideas to adopt at the start of the school year

As every year on the occasion of the start of the school year, a little desire to go to the hairdresser to change your head is felt. The opportunity to get rid of our tips damaged by summer. VShow often do you hesitate? Do you dream of a square cut but will you finally take the plunge? The editorial staff has selected ideas for trendy cuts that will inspire you without hesitation.

Short haircuts inspirations

Timeless, we have all passed by him at one time or another. And if many associate it with their childhood, the fact remains an ultra-trendy cut in 2021. More quick to tame in the morning than your long mane, the bob is totally hybrid. It’s up to you to make it your preppy asset or your must have as a femme fatale.

Short or long, smooth, wavy or even completely curly … the square cut offers you a multitude of possibilities. So that you always know where to turn, here is our favorite versions of the eternal square, to be reproduced without moderation.

1 – The plunging square: a classic

2 – The square & striped combo in the middle: working girl tunes

3 – The natural short bob

4 – The tucked bob (big trend)

5 – The bobcat (also very trendy in 2021)

6 – The short tapered bob

7 – The square that will enhance your curls

8 – The gradient square

9 – The square with fringe: childish airs that we love

10 – The wob (or fuzzy square)

11 – the daring bobcat

12 – The long bob: ultra easy on a daily basis

So convinced? Is the start of the 2021 school year when you will finally adopt this cut that has been eyeing you for so many years? And for even more style, play with the accessories.

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