12 homemade recipes to make

12 homemade recipes to make

12 homemade recipes to make

More ecological and just as effective as its liquid cousins, solid shampoo is finding more and more success in our bathrooms. How to choose it, use it or even store it? Many of you ask yourself questions before taking the plunge. A follower for years now, the editorial staff shares valuable information with you as well as 12 solid shampoo recipes to make yourself at home. Ready to change your habits? You will become addicted!

Solid shampoo, what is it & how to use it?

To simplify the thing, know that there are 2 types of solid shampoo. the cold saponified shampoo tablet, which preserves all the properties of the oils used. Plant powders or clay are also added. And the bar shampoo bar based on surfactants, the most common one. It is composed of foaming, soft and plant-based ingredients.

To use one or the other, nothing rocket science: wet then lather the shampoo block in your hands and apply directly to your hair, as you would for a classic shampoo. If you have long hair, we even advise you to lather the roller directly on your lengths.

On the conservation side: store it in a dry place if you don’t want it to melt. After each use, dry it with a towel and keep it in a small metal box or, failing that, on a soap dish that will allow it to dry and prevent mold and humidity. A solid shampoo tablet can be kept for about 12 months if the right conditions are met.

Why switch to solid shampoo?

There are many good reasons:

  • It is eco-friendly : packaging reduced to a minimum. Usually a small recyclable cardboard box. And nothing at all if you make it yourself at home or buy it in bulk. Every year, 174 million shampoo bottles are thrown away. It also contains less water and preservatives than a conventional commercial liquid shampoo.
  • It is economical : a solid shampoo equivalent to approximately 2 bottles of classic liquid shampoo. Depending on your length and usage, it can do 30-60 hair washes! A bottle of shampoo costs around €4 and a solid shampoo €8. Even if the starting price is higher, a quick calculation makes it possible to understand that solid shampoo is much more interesting.
  • It is practical : by its size and its components, respectful of our hair and nature. You slip it much more easily into your toiletry bag than an imposing bottle of shampoo.

12 solid shampoo recipes to make yourself

Of course, each of us has different needs and hair types. We have therefore made sure to offer you a selection of DIY recipes that corresponds to a large majority. You may need to try several recipes before you find yours..

Small additional clarification: your hair will need time before getting used to the silicone contained in commercial liquid shampoos. Do not worry if the result is not optimal from the first shampoo. Wait at least for the 2nd or 3rd wash to see if this solid shampoo suits you or if you need to change it.

1 – Solid shampoo recipe for beginners

2 – Fortifying solid shampoo for blond hair

3 – Recipe for dry, curly, frizzy & damaged hair

4 – Solid shampoo without surfactants

5 – Hydration & shine, with honey & oats

6 – Solid solid shampoo for normal, dry or oily hair

7 – Purifying & hair growth activator

8 – Sebum regulator & regenerating

9 – Solid shampoo for oily hair & dandruff

10 – Dry & damaged hair

11 – Revitalizing solid shampoo with nettles

12 – Moisturizing solid shampoo recipe

If you do not yet feel like going to manufacture, we advise you to shop your solid shampoo on a green eshop where the products are controlled, organic, respectful of health and the environment. You will see that, very quickly, you will not be able to do without it!

Moreover, we share 8 tips to improve your beauty routine. Also take advantage of our tip to sport an impeccable brushing in 5 minutes! Finally, our tips for taking care of your sensitive skin during this winter period.

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