14 ideas for the whole family

14 ideas for the whole family

14 ideas for the whole family

Halloween is not tomorrow but it is just like. There are only a few days left to find, if you haven’t already, your scariest outfit of the year! But this traditional folk and pagan festival from the Anglo-Celtic Islands is quite an art. If you can easily find costumes on the internet or in stores, for hairdressing, you will have to get your hands dirty.

Crimped hair, wig, scary braids … don’t panic, the editorial staff is here to share their ideas with you for young and old A watchword: let your imagination run wild!

1 – The great classic of crimped hair

2 – Adams family-style braids

3 – Quilts for a sassy air

4 – Dressed up to the nines

5 – What if we tried the wig?

6 – Here are the Halloween props

7 – A spider web effect grid

8 – Ephemeral wicks

9 – the spider bun

10 – Period hairstyle for one night immortals

11 – spooky braids

12 – Evil Horns

13 – October: month of pumpkins

14 – A headband for pirates and fortune tellers

Halloween hairstyles that will undoubtedly make an effect … All you have to do is shout and scare the neighbors with the famous “Trick or treat !”. So which monster will you be on October 31? Come tell us about our forums.

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