15 hairstyle inspirations to dare

15 hairstyle inspirations to dare

15 hairstyle inspirations to dare

Who said you had to cut your hair after 50? Person ! On the contrary, it is a question of taste, personality and hair quality. You have passed the golden age and are afraid to wear a long mane? The editorial staff shares its good reasons for adopting it and, to drive the point home, 15 hairstyle inspirations to help you take the plunge and appreciate your length.

Why do women’s hair change after 50?

It is true that when we walk down the street, 50-somethings tend to wear a short haircut. Like some presenters like Sophie Davant or Cristina Cordula. But is that a good reason to follow their example? It is, in fact, much more personal and complex than that.

Indeed, if women tend to shorten their hairstyle, it is also and above all because the texture and quality of their hair evolves. If men tend to lose them, women rather see them tapering and getting tipsy. Thank you keratin leak and declining female sex hormones! Immediate observation: the scalp is less irrigated and the hair fibers are weakened and grow back less quickly.

De facto, the fifties naturally move towards short cuts, which are easier to structure. But when properly maintained, long hair can really flatter a 50-year-old woman. It’s about knowing give them structure and movement to bring dynamism to the face. We come to counter the “dull and weighed down” effect of age by adding volume. In particular with the help of coloring, styling mousses or volumizing sprays.

How to keep your hair long & take care of it after 50?

You will have understood: to keep long hair despite aging, you have to take care of it. So we start with massage the scalp regularly in order to activate the blood microcirculation, the oxygenation of the roots and the growth of the fiber. Proceed in circular movements and take your time. Also be sure to prioritize foods rich in vitamins, iron and zinc. They strengthen the hair fiber.

The fact that they are brittle, finer and fragile also shows that they are lacking in hydration. So we will have to feed them with hair masks adapted to your hair type. We advise you to do at least one or two a week that you leave – preferably – on all night. Also, pay attention to the composition of the hair care products you use. Avoid paraben or siliconethe fewer ingredients, the better!

15 hairstyle inspirations to take on your long hair after 50

Ready to get started ladies? VHere are 15 photos that will make you take the leap!

1 – Wavy

2 – Natural curls

3 – Tapered

4 – Reflections

5 – Fancy ponytail

6 – Colored

7 – Gray reflections

8 – Natural

9 – With hair accessories

10 – Pin-up style

11 – Wavy

12 – 100% natural

13 – Bohemian spirit

14 – Heddles

15 – One hell of a volume

As you can see, all of these women over 50 look absolutely stunning with their long hair! If you feel like it, don’t hesitate to follow their example. You can rely on the tips shared at the beginning of the article to take care and maintain your lengths.

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