15 hairstyles with a scarf to test for the summer season

15 hairstyles with a scarf to test for the summer season

15 hairstyles with a scarf to test for the summer season

It is back on our pretty heads for the summer season: the scarf. Big it for this summer 2021, this accessory has already been seen as a bustier top, around the handle of a bag or around our neck with a chain. This time, we find it in its initial place, in our hair, whether it is long or short, straight or curly. This colorful piece of fabric is the touch that your hairstyle was missing. So here are some ideas to wear it with style.

A chic accessory with multiple possibilities

It was Christian Dior’s favorite accessory, in its time, to sublimate women. The scarf invites itself more than ever this season in our hair for an effortless and stylish look of choice. It is also our best hair asset during a “Bad Hair Day”, in other words when we have dirty hair, or quite simply when we do not have time to really do our hair.

Braided in the hair, around a bun, turban version or headband … it’s everywhere this summer for us save on hot days. We choose it satin with vintage patterns or plain with pop neon colors to stay in trend of summer.

Accessories side, beautiful jewelry like golden hoops and a pair of square sunglasses will go perfect with it, for a summer casual-chic look. Fancy a rather bohemian touch? Opt for more fuzzy hairstyles with two loose strands Front.

1 – Low ponytail

2 – Bun with scarf

3 – Long braid

4 – Turban-style scarf

5 – Pirate effect scarf

6 – Headband with scarf

7 – Half-up tail

8 – Headband and high bun

9 – High ponytail

10 – Braided bun

11 – Low bun and scarf

12 – Scarf in incognito mode

13 – Bun with a knot

14 – Fake fringe scarf

15 – Pin-up scarf

For an even more pronounced 90’s effect, we focus on trendy fashion pieces such as the gingham dress, the crochet top or the oversized blazer. Share your own outfit ideas with a scarf on the forum, category Fashion advice, clothing, lingerie, shoes.

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