16 cuts and hairstyles to try

16 cuts and hairstyles to try

16 cuts and hairstyles to try

We love our curly hair … but it is clear that it sometimes makes us want to pull our hair out! Especially in the morning, when you’re late and you look like you’ve been combed with a firecracker. Ladies, don’t panic. The editor has taken a look at the problem and gives you 16 cuts and hairstyles to try when you have curly hair. Follow the guide !

8 cuts to tame frizzy or curly hair

As a general rule, be aware that curly hair is cut dry. A wet curly hair loses 5 to 10 times more volume than a straight hair. According to the experts at Thereporthair.fr, there are several techniques to achieve the desired volume.

Take for example the picketing technique, one cut strand by strand. Or again, the gradient technique classic on wet hair. Overall, it is the nature of your curls that will determine the method chosen: its fall, its texture as well as the desired result.

Warning: the texture of your curl on the day of your cut is very important. The closer it is to your natural texture, the more it will allow your hairdresser to offer you a really suitable cut and technique. To do this, simply wash your hair the day before your appointment, without adding styling products. And especially, do not tie them, so as not to create false movements.

1 – The short cut

2 – the mid-length cut

3 – The volume cut

4 – The volumized square cut

5 – The long cut

6 – The afro cut assumed

7 – The fringe effect cut

8 – The wavy effect cut

8 hairstyles to try when you have curly or frizzy hair

If you don’t necessarily want to touch your natural base and prefer to have fun experimenting with hairstyles, it’s absolutely possible! As long as you have the right accessories and the right hairstyle ideas.

You can start by equipping yourself with velvet hair accessories for example. They are very trendy this year. You can also opt for the bandana. In general, try to have a few special styling products for curly hair in order to discipline your hairstyle if you want a perfect result.

Then, you will have to deal with the nature of your hair and above all, its length. A rockabilly bun will be more easily done on long hair than on short hair for example. Don’t be afraid to try new things!

1 – Plaited braids and high ponytail

2 – Bandana version

3 – Plaited braids over the entire length

4 – Hair buns

5 – Bun and bow tie

6 – Bohemian braid

7 – Half tail and velvet bow

8 – Twists and meadow flowers

As you can see, having curly or curly hair is far from inevitable! It is even synonymous with glamor and naturalness. Love your hair as it is and don’t hesitate to have fun with it! Conversely, we also give you all our tips if you lack volume and / or if you want to curl your hair without heat.

Do not hesitate to discover the trendy haircuts in 2021 and to test our 10 favorite hairstyles for rushed mornings. If you have other ideas for hairstyles or special cuts for curly or frizzy hair, share them on our forum, in the section Beauty !

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