20 hairstyles for white and graying hair

20 hairstyles for white and graying hair

20 hairstyles for white and graying hair

Tired of repeated hair colorings, the colossal budget invested and the time spent at the hairdresser? What if you assumed your hair is white and / or graying? Know that they are ultra trendy too! Do you want to take the plunge without really knowing what cut or hairstyle to adopt? Are you wondering what are the hairstyle trends of the moment? The editorial gives you a little boost by sharing 20 hairstyle ideas that will make you want to leave your hair natural. Ready ladies? We get you on board!

1 – The famous square ball

2 – Gradient on shoulder-length hair

3 – The pixie cut

4 – Parting in the middle & natural wavy

5 – Short cut with lengths on the top

6 – Medium-length & tapered hair

7 – Natural white hair

8 – Effects of highlights on medium-length hair

9 – Bohemian style glued braid

10 – Lioness mane style

11 – Brushing on white / graying hair

12 – On wavy gray hair

13 – Long square ball on the front

14 – Ultra long

15 – Shaved on the sides

16 – banana bun bohemian style

17 – Ultra short

18 – Glamorous brushing

19 – Effect of wicks

20 – Square at the chin

Inspiring isn’t it? After that, you will no longer want to color your hair and therefore potentially damage it. It is quite normal to have gray hair. It is the cycle of life. And to live it well, you might as well magnify it. Because that’s what they are: magnificent! Proof that you have lived a great, full life.

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