20 simple hairstyle ideas

20 simple hairstyle ideas

20 simple hairstyle ideas

You know us, we are fans of natural beauty at The Body Optimist. We are therefore convinced that there is no need to denature frizzy hair to style it. On the contrary, their texture allows us to tempt all hair fantasies! You just need to use the right products and know the effective techniques. In this article, we give you all our advice. And most importantly, our 20 easy hairstyle ideas for frizzy hair. Ready ladies? It will blow your mind!

How to take care of my frizzy hair?

All women with frizzy hair know it: the ultimate secret is to hydrate them daily, especially in a cold to moderate climate. While it grows slower than European hair, it has a reputation for being more difficult to style. And that turns out to be wrong. Provided of courseadopt an adapted and targeted hair routine. You don’t have to conform to Western beauty standards that call for straightened and / or relaxed hair to be considered beautiful!

Wash and go, vanilla, twist out, flat twist out, braids, braids out, frohawk or even chignon… adopting a protective hairstyle is the key to beautiful and healthy hair. Not to mention the style it gives us. Indeed, these hairstyles do not require heat, and therefore, less attack the hair. A fact that Caucasian hair also verifies. Put away your hair straighteners! Indeed, thanks to protective hairstyles, you no longer fear friction likely to damage and / or break the hair fiber.

If you can afford to let your hair loose during the summer and spring, the protective hairstyle is de rigueur in autumn and winter, with the arrival of the first cold. Warning, they should not be kept too long (15 days maximum), under penalty of damaging the hair and the scalp which both need to breathe. Care side: it is advisable to go to a hairdresser who will be able to advise you on targeted treatments according to the nature of your hair. We are all different and do not have the same needs, even though our hair is frizzy.

20 hairstyle ideas to test this fall-winter

Now that you know a little more about caring for your frizzy hair, all you have to do is practice! Whether you do it alone at home or in a salon specializing in afro hair, here is some hairstyle ideas to inspire you.

1 – Afro wig “Los Angeles” curly short

2 – Some ideas of simple hairstyles

3 – Twist & chignon

4 – Long braid & pearls

5 – Double bun with loose hair

6 – African braid

7 – Half ponytail

8 – Braids glued to the back of the skull

9 – Buns & glued braids

10 – Bantu Knots, or “Bantu knots”

11 – Glued braids & single bun

12 – The famous vanilla

13 – Twist out

14 – Flat twist out

15 – Chunky Butterfly Locs

16 – Braids out

17 – Froawk

18 – The colorful scarf option

19 – Glued braids & herringbone braid

20 – Sewn tribal braids

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