21 hairstyles for long hair that we say yes to

21 hairstyles for long hair that we say yes to

21 hairstyles for long hair that we say yes to

D-Day is fast approaching … You have to look at certain details such as the hairstyle you are going to wear. For weddings, long hair is subject to all kinds of hairstyles which, very often, tie it up in order to prevent it from being placed in any way. (hello the capricious weather). But you, do you want to play with originality? While a simple floral tie on a basic hairstyle can do the trick, you can get started with making bolder designs. So here is, without further ado, our selection of wedding hairstyles for long hair, to test before D-Day of course. Make way for inspirations!

Objective: to twirl his mane

After having waited so long to recover your long hair from treatments and masks, it would be shame to hide it on the happiest day of your life… However, a “banal” hairstyle is not appropriate. We must mark the occasion on this day. And that’s good, since long hair offers a plethora of possibilities : braided, spiky, twisted crown, glamorous waves, wavy effect …

Take first braids that are versatile and have the advantage of being long lasting. We find them in ear of wheat version, plated or falsely neglected for our hairstyles for long hair. Can also make a ponytail. Yes, you read that right, but not with a simple rubber band. Rather a ribbon that twists a few strands with a more fuzzy tail to add a super stylish bohemian touch for example.

Your last balayage or ombré hair will be able to express all its splendor, with a very natural effect and why not some wavy waves. Finally, if you are attached to traditions, the bun in the middle shifts to the side for more originality. The asymmetry is indeed bring a casual look of choice for this hairstyle on long hair.

The most beautiful wedding hairstyles for long hair

No more talk … let’s get to the heart of the matter with all the ideas that we could find to help you choose THE hairstyle for your wedding.

1 – Curly hair with two twisted strands

2 – wavy ponytail

3 – low bun

4 – XXL braid

5 – braided fuzzy bun

6 – Braided crown & curly hair

7 – Braided & curled ponytail

8 – Bohemian hairstyle

9 – Highly structured high bun

10 – Waterfall Braid Crown

11 – XXL floral braid

12 – Rose in a very glamorous braid

13 – High curly ponytail

14 – Shell ponytail

15 – low bun with braids

16 – Low twisted ponytail

17 – Low knot bun

18 – Braid on the side

19 – Wreath braid with flowers

20 – Low ponytail without elastic

21 – Curly hair on the side

As you have seen, we do not skimp on hair accessories to bring a personal touch to the hairstyle. If you have other ideas of hairstyles for long hair, let the community know on the forum, section Beauty, Make-up.

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