3 hairstyles for round faces to adopt for the evenings

3 hairstyles for round faces to adopt for the evenings

3 hairstyles for round faces to adopt for the evenings

Contrary to what many women tend to think, when you have an important night planned, outfit and makeup aren’t the only things to take care of. The hairstyle seems to be a minimal and last minute detail but it is essential to give it the importance it needs if you want to appear chic in the photos. In addition, when we have a round face, we cannot style our hair in the same way when our hair is short, shoulder-length or long. Find out in this article 3 hairstyles for round faces to adopt for the evenings.

Most women with round faces admit to having difficulty combing their hair, which makes it difficult for them to take care of their hairstyle. But the key is to know what suits us. A hairstyle that will suit a round-faced woman with short hair will not necessarily suit a round-faced woman who has long hair. You’ve got the perfect outfit, the perfect shoes, and a good girlfriend to help you put on makeup but little snag : what hairstyle to adopt for the Christmas gala? Do not panic, change your daily life by learning to do hairstyles that suit you and will make you shine.

1 °) When you have short hair

When we have a round face, have the short hair surely appears to be the most difficult case in terms of hairstyles that could be suitable. But, believe us, the solution is simple: just know what type of hairstyle will suit you best. When we have short hair, we must mainly opt for hairstyles that will give us volume to lengthen the face, hairstyles close to the face or bet on gradients. The best is to choose a hairstyle that gives a minimum of movement to flare and ventilate the face.

To give you a hairstyle idea on short hair when you have a round face, there is no better example than the beautiful Jennyfer Hudson in this photo. Betting on a smooth bob with a bit of volume and slightly tapered bangs on the side, the visibility of her facial features has been reduced and she looks totally radiant. This hairstyle perfectly elongates her face and draws more attention to the hairstyle than to the face. There is no best hairstyle to go for a night out so if you have short hair, give it a try.

2 °) When you have shoulder-length hair

Having shoulder-length hair when you have a round face undoubtedly has more advantages. than having short hair or long hair as long as one can try short hairstyles and also long hair style hairstyles. And although the style of hairstyles differs with each hair length, the basic concept remains the same for round faces : always opt for volume and play on the length that we have.

For shoulder-length hair, here is a pretty model both relaxed and glamorous that sports the great Oprah Winfrey. With its mid-length cut and pretty curls, it is totally sublime. The volume and curls highlight her face and create an effect of movement. Totally suitable for festive days and also everyday, this hairstyle will give you a trendy look and sublimate your face. So, do we go to the hairdresser to be like Oprah?

3 °) When you have long, long and long hair

Have long hair when you have a round face is not always easy to manage on a daily basis. Indeed, when you have long hair, you don’t always know what to do with it. Tie them up, let them go, make a fringe or a gradient? We have so many possibilities that we no longer know where to look. You can take full advantage of your volume either by going for a short hairstyle like a beautiful bun or by using your length to highlight your face.

Are you a bridesmaid for a friend’s wedding? Why not try a short hairstyle like Crystal Renn’s? A parting in the middle, two long braids to join and to place in the form of a hollow thanks to a barrette and you will be more elegant than ever. Then, it’s up to you to add accessories like a flower or a bow. For those who prefer to play on their length and draw the eye to their dark eyes, why not imitate Candice Huffine’s simple hairstyle? Classic but chic: a parting in the middle, big curls, a brush and voila. With a hairstyle like this, you can be sure to be on top for your birthday.

Ultimately, to succeed in having a beautiful hairstyle for a round face, it is enough to look for the adapted hairstyles and not to rely on any hairstyle that one sees on a third person. Remember that what works for Charlotte might not work for you. To help you avoid hairstyles that are not suited to your face shape, read our article: Hairstyle for round face: the 3 big classic mistakes to avoid at all costs.

The editorial bonus : a video that will guide you to highlight your round face!

In reality, length and volume remain the best allies of round faces. So if you have short or mid-length hair and want more length or volume, you just have to cheat by adding extensions (super discreet and ultra-practical). In particular, you will have more choices in terms of hairstyles for round faces. Contrary to what you thought, there are many models of chic and festive hairstyles which are suitable for round faces, you just have to get to know them.

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