3 hairstyles when it’s hot!

3 hairstyles when it's hot!

3 hairstyles when it’s hot!

Even if we sometimes have a few small doubts when looking at the weather forecast for the days to come: and yes, we are in the middle of summer! What better time to learn how to do 3 trendy hairstyles, original, quick to do and which will keep you cooler? Are you convinced? Let’s go for 3 hairstyles to adopt when it’s hot!

1) 3 hairstyle ideas with a headband by Stephanie Zwicky!

You all know this famous blogger, Stephanie Zwicky, who has become one of the icons of plus size fashion in France. Her credo is of course fashion, but sometimes she also offers small makeup or hairstyle tutorials like this one.

What is the headband? Well as the name suggests, it is quite simply an elastic band (simple or ornate) that we put on his hair, all around his head. This hairstyle was popular in the 1930s, 50s for its romantic glamor effect. Small clarification: you must at least have mid-length hair to achieve this hairstyle.

This is an extremely simple hairstyle that is easy to achieve, in two steps three movements, we are ready to go out without having given up the chic of a hairstyle suitable for all occasions. As all the hair gets stuck in the headband, we suffer much less from the heat than when we have loose hair!

We said it to you: very simple! Small tip: if you are brunette, do not hesitate to place a few flat head pliers all around your head so that the headband stays in place all day. We also do not hesitate to lightly spray a little hairspray on the whole!

2) The twisted and accessorized braid!

For having tested it in the editorial staff, we assure you that after the second try, this hairstyle takes about 1 minute to achieve!

Whether you’re heading to the beach, nightclub, restaurant, or shopping spree, this messy and romantic little braid will fit any situation!

To achieve it is simple: you need two or three (depending on your length) rubber bands in the color of your hair. Then all you have to do is follow the guide:

3) The scarf in the hair!

Who said putting a scarf in your hair was old fashioned? Not us in case! The advantage of the scarf is that there are thousands of models! You can therefore match the patterns, the colors and choose the material according to your desires! Whether your hair is loose or tied, positioning a scarf nicely will only take you a minute and will prove to be very suitable for the summer season!

If you’re not already a fan of the scarf or even the bandana in your hair, check out this tutorial which gives you no less than 24 ways to style your hair!

Here are 3 ways to style your hair this summer, regardless of the shape of your face since these three examples are suitable for all body types! Do not hesitate to send us your photos if you decide to test one (or all three)! Good holidays !

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