3 tips for effectively removing nail polish

3 tips for effectively removing nail polish

3 tips for effectively removing nail polish

Unstoppable weapon to showcase our hands, nail polish allows, thanks to its diversity of shades and textures, to regularly change the color of our nails and to match them to our outfits and our desires. The only thing is, nail polish can quickly become our worst enemy when it comes to getting rid of it. DESSANGE gives you its advice to get through it effortlessly.

Start with good preparation

To be sure to easily remove your varnish without damage, it is imperative to place a base on your nails before the first coat of varnish. There are several, with various actions: smoothing base, fortifying base, whitening base … This first layer will act as a protection between your nail and the varnish, thus preventing it from turning yellow or deteriorating but also to facilitate the removal of the varnish by the following.

Use a nail polish remover with or without acetone

Although this solution is not very ecological, the best way to remove your polish properly and efficiently is to use a cotton ball soaked in solvent for each finger. If you use the same cotton pad for all of your nails, you risk spreading the color all over the place on the other fingers. This is especially risky with dark colors. For the latter, prefer a solvent containing acetone, more powerful and therefore effective. Prefer the acetone-free remover for nude or light colors, which will dry out your skin and nails less.

Tip: you can leave the cotton on your nails for a few seconds so that the product penetrates well, then gently rub and pull outwards to remove the varnish. Make sure that your cotton remains parallel to the nail so as not to touch your skin and risk spreading the color on your finger.

If after that there are some traces of color at the corners of your nails, do not hesitate to use a cotton swab impregnated with solvent to reach and properly clean the last nooks and crannies.

Moisturize your nails and hands

Finally, let your nails soak for a few seconds in lukewarm water with a little soap to remove any residue of solvent. Then dry your hands and finish with a dab of moisturizer on your hands and a few drops of nourishing oil on your cuticles.

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