5 beauty tips to keep your spirits up

5 beauty tips to keep your spirits up

5 beauty tips to keep your spirits up

Currently all under strict confinement, this period can seem unpleasant to most of us. Separation from loved ones, lack of real freedom, uncertainty about the course of the disease and boredom can have more than negative effects on the mind. But there is no question of being let down! DESSANGE gives you his advice to keep morale up during these weeks of confinement.

Vitaminate the radiance of your complexion

The days go by and spring is slowly coming to the end of its nose, accompanied by beautiful sunny days… Unfortunately, given the current context, we are little by little able to take advantage of it. To make up for the delay that garden and balcony owners will have on you, use a healthy glow concentrate. In the palm of your hand, mix two to three drops of this magic serum with a small amount of your usual moisturizer to obtain a healthy-looking effect without the sun, bluffing natural. Over the days, the skin takes on a gradual and adjustable tan. Your complexion is enhanced, the skin is radiant, as if illuminated.

Hydrate without moderation

Just because you hardly put your nose outside does not mean that you have to think that you no longer (or less) need to hydrate your skin. It is indeed essential to continue to apply your day cream daily! Beyond protecting your skin from external aggressions, it allows to act in depth on the cells and maintain the maximum elasticity of your skin. This step is essential to maintain toned, plump, young and glowing skin. By keeping your routine during the weeks to come, your skin will be able to face in a more serene way the imminent return of the external attacks!
And this is valid for your whole body.

Focus on foods “beneficial” for your body

Contrary to popular belief, your beauty products are not only concentrated in your bathroom, but are also found on your plate. To fully benefit from it, learn to replenish your energy with foods that plump your skin:

Antioxidants, known to be protective or anti-aging

– Blackcurrant and blueberries for their density of active ingredients

– Currants and raspberries are also very rich in antioxidants, just like licorice

– Apples: prefer old varieties such as Reinette de Granville

Vitamins that help you fight skin aging

– Raw parsley, red peppers and wild salads like arugula

– Avocado, packed with vitamins E

– Salmon, rich in anti-aging substance and in particular in omega 3

– Sweet potatoes, truffled with beta-carotene (precursor of vitamin A)

– Pomegranate, teeming with vitamins C

Adopt oils

Applying an oil on your face allows you to deposit a real anti-dehydration shield on the skin. The oily texture enriches the skin with fatty substances and thus acts as a shield, preventing water from evaporating. The oils are therefore ideal for very dry, dehydrated skin, but also for oily skin. Indeed, if you provide your skin with the fat it needs, it will stop producing excess fat to protect itself. Finally, oils are widely known to boost the radiance of the skin by revitalizing and toning it. So what are you waiting for? Whether for makeup removal or daily hydration, go for it!

Apply your eye cream correctly

Contrary to popular belief, “eye contour” creams are not just for the elderly. Indeed, we are all more or less affected by dark circles or bags under the eyes. This is why it is important to take care of this very sensitive area of ​​the face, from the age of 25, if only to hydrate it properly.
After choosing the right eye cream for your skin and your skin problem, it is important to adopt the right actions to apply it correctly and effectively. First of all, it is necessary to have rid your skin of all traces of makeup and to have washed your hands well before starting the application. It is then a question of depositing a small quantity of product (putting a lot of it will not make this more efficient) on the index, middle and ring fingers of each hand in order to work the product simultaneously under both eyes and equally. Then place your fingers on the lower bony part of the eyes and make small, very light tapping from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye. Repeat this gesture under the browbones in exactly the same way. These movements will stimulate microcirculation, decongest the eye area and thus prevent the formation of bags and dark circles. Finally, finish by smoothing the skin with your index fingers, above the eyebrows, from the base, stretching towards the temples.

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