5 hair products that will boost their growth

5 hair products that will boost their growth

5 hair products that will boost their growth

Fatigue, stress, illness, pollution, hormonal variation, coloring… there are a thousand and one factors that influence the health of our hair. We are all confronted at some point in our lives with a hair problem. Our hair visibly lacks strength, the growth is slower… In short, it’s time to do something, or even better, to anticipate the problems that could arise again.

Because it is important to us to know the composition of the products we buy, we set out to find a brand that could tick all our criteria. That’s when we came across Hairlust, a Danish hair care brand with a mission: to preserve and enhance the natural beauty of all hair types. We explain…

Innovative, sustainable & transparent

Hairlust’s niche? Make natural products to take care of the outside and inside of our hair. It also offers us innovative accessories which we will tell you about a little later in this article. All based on scandinavian values.

Founded in 2017, the company is based on 3 pillars: transparency, sustainability and innovation. The goal is perfectly assumed: to fight against the big international companies and their traditional hair care products. How ? Thanks to a natural and global approach to hair maintenance using supplements, hair care and accessories that offer a perfect synergy.

Eager to be transparent with its customers, Hairlust has clarified the composition labels of its products and offers a complete view of the production process. Proud of the values ​​it defends, the Hairlust team offers us certified vegan and organic products. Likewise, they are all subjected to clinical tests in independent laboratories to guarantee optimal quality.

The packaging is not left out since it is made made from recycled plastic. The company is also certified climate neutral. You won’t find no harmful or unwanted chemicals either in the composition of the products nor any allergenic fragrance. The best in hair care, without compromise!

Tired hair: our 5 favorite products

We don’t know you, but our hair does not really appreciate the change of season. We notice that the lengths are drier, that forks form and, in general, the growth is slowed down.

Just like our body, our hair needs a little boost to face the start of the summer season. and its temperature variations… So we chose 5 products to take care of our tired hair. Here they are :

1 – Hair Growth Formula Gummies

We start with these special hair growth gummies which contain the vitamins and minerals we need to maintain healthy hair. Starting with the biotin and zinc. They are sugar-free, vegan, without synthetic flavoring or coloring. The box contains 90 gummies corresponding to one month of treatment.

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2 – Hair Growth & Repair Set

If you have dry hair and brittle ends, it may be time to change your shampoo and conditioner for something more natural and targeted. The use of a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner is ideal to restore their level of hydration. We choose this box which contains an organic shampoo and conditioner, without sulphate which gently cleansewhile providing the hydration and proteins that dry, fine and damaged hair badly needs.

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3 – Curl Recovery & Protection Mask

We continue with this moisturizing mask which will allow us to deeply nourish our curly hair. It is silicone-free and resurrects our soft, dry and damaged curls. He is the perfect balance between protein care and hair hydration. Finally, it also fights against split ends and brittle hair. A vanity essential!

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4 – Hair Strengthening & Protection Oil

Tired of dry and frizzy hair? We fell for this hair oil that improves health and moisture balance thanks to its nourishing blend of sunflower seed, coconut, argan and organic apricot kernel oils. It also provides UV and heat protection, preventing our hair from breaking, split ends and frizz from developing. An essential for the summer season!

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5 – Hair Growth & Protection Mask Set

We end our selection with this set which includes an intensive mask and a detangling brush for damp hair. The first is made up of micro-proteins that promote hair growth while reducing split ends and breakage. The brush and its soft silicone bristles do not break the fiber and respect itunlike conventional brushes made of animal or synthetic hair.

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With the right products, it is quite possible to maintain the good health of your hair and prevent the problems that we may encounter.

You should also know that Hairlust offers hair products formulated especially for men. You can also take advantage of hair vitamins, various accessories and treatments for eyelashes and eyebrows. Finally, do not hesitate to take a look at the brand’s blog where you will find a lot of advice. See you on Hairlust.fr!

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