5 hairstyle ideas for New Years Eve

5 hairstyle ideas for New Years Eve

5 hairstyle ideas for New Years Eve

The end of year celebrations are fast approaching, your evening dress is already chosen and all you need is some hairstyle ideas to perfect your newborn look. Remember, this evening is ideal for going out the big game so we do not hesitate to have fun with extravagant hairstyles and accessories of all kinds! Let’s go for a top 5!

1 – Curly naturally like Ashley Graham

First option: simplicity, wavy style ! If you have naturally straight hair, feel free to use a straightener or curling iron to make pretty curls. You will then need to use a little hairspray to set. Do not hesitate to add the glitter bomb to give a festive air to the whole!

2 – Braid and bun like Tess Holliday

You will undoubtedly make a sensation with this very worked hairstyle! We really like the choice of accessories and the finesse of the rendering. Ready to try ladies?

3 – Pin-up effect like Gorgina Horne

If you want to perfect your look and also offer yourself a pin-up look in plus size, all our good addresses are here!

4 – Romantic-chic like AurĂ©lie from “Big or not big”

The headband is very fashionable for these Christmas 2015! We really like the finesse of the whole. Putting a headband in her hair will really take 3 minutes or less. To try absolutely! This is the simplest of our hairstyle ideas.

5 – The braid like Danielle Vanier

Want to start a hair challenge? Why not let yourself be tempted by this kind of hairstyle, directly braided on the head? Hundreds of video tutorials will help you find the kind of braid you like.

Ready for some hair splurge for the holidays? Do not hesitate to be inspired by these hairstyle ideas and above all, have fun!

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