5 tips for a healthy dose of style

5 tips for a healthy dose of style

5 tips for a healthy dose of style

If you follow the beauty trends, it’s impossible to have never heard of the famous curtain bangs. It has been very popular for several months and many influencers wear it. How to wear it? What face shape is it best for? How to maintain it? The drafting makes a full point on the question.

1 – Curtain bangs: for which face morphology?

As indicated by his name, the curtain bangs sweep both sides of the face. It is cut straight or slightly rounded. In principle, it is not suitable for all face shapes, although in the drafting, we did not really like this type of “rule”. Indeed, she saws better with oval faces and straight hair or naturally smooth. In theory, it is less suitable for round faces, because it brings out the cheeks. With long faces, because it accentuates the length. And with square faces, because it develops the jaw even more.

2 – Rather steep or rounded?

Here, it all depends on your desires and the nature of your hair ! To achieve a rounded effect, you will need a round brush and a hair dryer. For a stiff effect, the straightener will be your best friend. We can quite have fun varying styles. Curved curtain bangs with a bohemian bun. And straight curtain bangs with a ponytail for example.

3 – Can I make it myself at home?

The answer is yes ! Corn you have to be used to it and the right equipment. Out of the question to use your kitchen chisel on pain of witnessing a hair disaster live. It is better to proceed with a razor, gradually degrading the strands that frame the face. Be careful not to cut too short at the risk of having a too linear gradient. Don’t panic if you feel a little lost, you will find dozens of tutorials on YouTube.

4 – How to maintain my curtain bangs?

If you don’t want to be blinded by your locks, you will have to maintain them! Of course, you can do it yourself at home with a professional chisel. But we strongly advise you to instead, call your usual hairdresser.. He’ll be able to tell you how often you need to go to the salon to catch the few crazy strands that are starting to grow. One visit every three weeks should be sufficient.

5 – Long or short curtain fringe?

Last specificity concerning this type of fringe, you can choose between two lengths. Short, reaching in the middle of the face. Or long, which frames your face down to chin level. Once again, this is a point that must be discussed with a hairstylist.. It will show you the prettiest shape according to the morphology of your face. Be aware, however, that the long curtain fringe requires less maintenance than the short curtain bangs. We refresh approximately every 6 weeks.

Now that you know more about curtain bangs, all you have to do is make an appointment in the salon or try the adventure yourself in your bathroom. After all, back to school is the perfect time to sport a new look!

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