5 tips for taming your hair

5 tips for taming your hair

5 tips for taming your hair

Dull, split ends, tend to grease quickly: after having lived several months hidden in a cap, your hair needs care to regain shine and softness. At the start of spring, why not reconnect with good habits and relearn how to pamper your hair ? Here are 5 tips to take care of your hair as well as round face hairstyle ideas, simple and quick to do in the morning.

Unsuitable shampoo, pollution, unhealthy lifestyle, stress, illnesses: show me your hair i will tell you who you are! Many people neglect their hair and don’t realize that their lifestyle has a direct impact on the beauty of the hair.

Without packing up your luggage and exiling yourself in a forest to find your dream hair, what should you do to tame your hair?

Hair care: the plan of attack

Hair care: Who has never found herself upset in front of her mirror and this rebellious hair that seems to lead their life as they see fit? The easy way out is often to quickly tie them up or hide them under a hat.

Fault ! These repeated gestures weaken your hair. Come on, we do a big spring cleaning in our beauty products and we arm ourselves with adequate care to maintain his hair. Here are some tips to make them more beautiful:

1. Hair care: get to know your hair

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It’s silly, but it gets better saying it. Just because you have long, straight hair like your girlfriend Nathalie doesn’t mean that it has the same texture. For know the nature of your hair and know which treatments are best suited to them, you have to go to the hairdresser. And to find the right one, nothing beats word of mouth.

Consider asking your hairstylist what kind of shampoo and mask is best for you and how many times a week to repeat the operation. In general, it is advisable to alternate between 2 shampoos and to do a mask once a week.

2. Don’t wash your hair every day

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Your hair produces sebum thanks to the sebaceous glands. This oily fluid is there to protect the scalp and give hair shine by lubricating the cuticle. To wash them too much and to stimulate these sebaceous glands too much, you will attack your hair and to wash them too much, they will get dirty more quickly.

No need for a daily shampoo! Not everyone’s eyes are on your hair. Stick to shampoo every 2 days. If on the second day you are about to crack, consider tying them up or using a dry shampoo while waiting for the evening or the next morning.

And who says washing, di drying / brushing / brushing. Torn, hot air dried, curling / straightening iron, no wonder your hair looks great! Come on, the weather is nice so we let our hair air dry or use the function “cold air” hair dryer and put it in position 2.

3. Take care of your plate

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What you eat shows on you. A balanced diet results in a beautiful complexion, strong nails and healthy hair. Hélène Clauderer, hair specialist, recommends betting on proteins, sulfur, zinc, iron and group B vitamins.

Concretely, where are they found? In fruits, white meats, non-fatty fish, seeds and cereals.

4. Switch to food supplements

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Food supplements will give you a little boost by giving your hair the care it lacks. They come in the form of capsules, capsules or ampoules and supplement deficiencies or metabolic disturbances.

Food supplements of natural origin are rich in active ingredients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements …). The most widely used food supplements are those based on pollen (mutivitamins), brewer’s yeast (purifying and fortifying) or even royal jelly (regenerating).

5. Use natural brushes

Boar bristle brush, 11.99 euros (link: amazon.fr) *

Brushing doesn’t just help get rid of knots, it allows natural oils to spread all over the hair to nourish and give it its shine. Moreover, he stimulates micro-circulation of the scalp and rids it of impurities and dead cells.

When you brush your hair, take it easy! No need to shoot them like crazy, you will only damage them. Use brushes made from natural materials such as boar hair or pig hair. Metal breaks hair and plastic makes it electric.

Round face hairstyle: 3 quick and easy ideas

1. The headband

ASOS headband, 28.99 euros (link: asos.fr) *

Put on your headband but instead of letting the hair hang out, tuck it in the elastic. Make a few strands protrude on the front of the face, you get a sophisticated hairstyle that is easy to achieve.

2. The scarf in the hair


Take a square scarf of your choice and make a rhombus. Begin to bind off the widest side by 4 cm and so on until the point. Take the scarf by the 2 ends, place it on the head and tie a double knot. Wedge the two sides to make a nice knot.

3. The bun

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This is the easiest way to do a pretty bun. After making a ponytail, take your hair and pass it through the hole in the sausage. Lightly backcomb your hair then wedge your locks in the sausage. If you want a bit of a wild effect, stick out strands.

Hair care has almost no secrets for you! You have the cards in hand to show off dreamy, shiny and silky hair this summer. These few round face hairstyle ideas will highlight your features. Here is a video to learn how to make an ear of wheat braid:

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