5 tips to improve the hold of a gloss

5 tips to improve the hold of a gloss

5 tips to improve the hold of a gloss

Lip makeup is the area that needs the most makeup touch-ups throughout the day. And especially if you use a gloss. If the latter the advantage of sublimating all mouths and all styles of women, it does not, however, guarantee optimal hold. Its shine and mirror effect are often difficult to resist the passing day. What tips to apply the gloss perfectly and guarantee a long hold?

1) scrub the lips

It is helpful to prepare the mouth for makeup by gently rubbing a clean, dry toothbrush over the lips, using light circular motions. On weekends, take the time to make a “homemade” scrub by mixing a little sugar and honey, which you will then rub on the lips before rinsing. The treatment is completed with the application of an ultra-nourishing balm to maintain the hydration of the lips.

2) Apply a base

Still quite rare on the market, a lip primer is a valuable ally to help make-up hold. It prevents color from spinning and boosts shine. Usually transparent, it is applied under the gloss to form a protective layer on the lips and prepare them for pigments.

3) use a lip liner

Coloring your lips with a pencil before applying the gloss allows you to draw the outlines, standardize their color, create a backdrop on which the gloss can adhere better and ensure that the color stays on the mouth when the shine fades. In short, the lip liner makes it possible to space out the touch-ups, if one had to add a last argument!

4) Apply to finger

Gloss, unlike lipstick, does not stretch. The shine would disappear. It is applied with the fingertips, from the heart of the mouth outwards, while being careful not to put too much. Make-up is finalized by passing the applicator over the lips.

5) keep the gloss handy

Despite these tips, the hold of gloss remains more volatile than that of lipstick. To have shiny lips all day long, the ideal is to have your gloss near you for a few touch-ups during the day, after lunch in particular.

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