5 trendiest blonde shades for summer 2022

5 trendiest blonde shades for summer 2022

5 trendiest blonde shades for summer 2022

With summer looming, many of us are starting to dream lighter hair colors. Why not blond, towards which your natural color will tend anyway, lightened by the rays of the sun? Here is a little trend guide.

1 – The honey blonde

Surely the most natural blonde of this selection. the honey blonde smells like the sun without being too flashy. To be successful, this coloring must follow three steps precise.

First, color your root in a dark blonde. Then, apply pretty shades of gold and honey on the lengths before working the locks that surround your face with a lighter blonde. As you will have understood, the best thing is to go to the salon to make it. This must-have trend for spring-summer 2022 is yours!

2 – Theexpensive blonde

here is a blonde with soft highlights that will make you look like shampoo commercial stars. Namely, however, this coloring takes time to achieve and is therefore quite expensive. The ransom of fame for having the same hair as Jennifer Lopez or Margot Robbie…

3 – Mahogany blonde

For people who have watched the series Euphoria, this coloring will undoubtedly remind you of the daring Cassie (played by Sydney Sweeney). the mahogany blond gently tends towards red and that’s what makes it so charming.

To you, the copper and gold reflections, even pink if the color is well done. Hot and cold at the same time, this blond suits absolutely all skin tones. So conquered?

4 – 90’s platinum

Place at most radical blonde. The real thing: platinum blonde straight out of the 1990s. Several things to know. First, stop the clichés that only one type of person can wear this light blonde. It can go to everyone, without exception.

On the other hand, he not necessarily suitable for all wallets. Indeed, who says very light and rarely natural color, says quickly visible roots and therefore frequent trips to your hairdressing salon. Now that you know everything, you can make your choice in full consciousness.

5 – Reflections for the less adventurous

Changing your mind sounds attractive like that, but it takes a little bit of courage. Because it is above all take the risk of regretting looking at himself in the mirror. So for people who dream of trying the adventure of blond, but whose idea of ​​coloring is still scary: try the reflections.

To do this, just ask your hairdresser.se for a balayage in a light shade. Little by little you will get used to it and the step towards real hair change will seem less big and less frightening. The right compromise!

So, are you also going to be the most stylish blonde of the season? Are you already or do you prefer to stay in the brunette team for another year? Come and discuss hair coloring and other beauty topics on our forums.

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