5 ways to tie a scarf in your hair

5 ways to tie a scarf in your hair

5 ways to tie a scarf in your hair

You couldn’t have missed it. This season, the scarf appears in all its forms. If many influencers wear it in the form of a top, it is nonetheless an essential hair accessory. Trendy and colorful, the scarf is not just for “bad hair days” and makes its way into your most elegant hairstyles. DESSANGE presents you 5 ways to tie a scarf in your hair so you never run out of ideas.

How to tie a scarf in your hair?

To tie a scarf in her hair, you can choose tointegrate your scarf into your hairstyle by using it as an elastic or by incorporating it directly into your braid. For simpler hairstyles, you just need to tie your scarf in an original way on your head.

5 ways to tie a scarf in your hair

The scarf has widely invaded Instagram. While it offers a terribly trendy look to others, it is not always easy to wield the art of knotting on our own head. Here are some expert tips on how to tie a scarf in your hair in style.

How to tie a square scarf in your hair?

Although most scarves sold are square in shape, it is not always easy to know where to start. To tie a square-shaped scarf in her hair, you will need fold the scarf to form a triangle. These are the two ends of the triangle that you will then need to tie in order to obtain the desired style.

Tie the scarf in her hair for a retro look

Tying a scarf in the hair can offer a very glamorous look, especially if it is combined with a worked hairstyle. For a retro 50s look, you can tie your scarf around your bun. To do this, make a bun in the middle of your head. Take your scarf that you will have folded so as to obtain a rectangle about 10 centimeters in width. Then take the two ends of your scarf and tie them on the top of your head. Be sure to leave both ends of the knot visible because it is this detail that will give the real retro touch to your hairstyle.

Adopt the bohemian look with a scarf in your hair

This is the big hair trend of this summer: the bohemian-style scarf tied on the head. And yet, this is probably the look that takes you the least amount of effort. Simply fold your scarf into a triangle and affix the wider side to the front of your head, at the level of the roots of your hair. Grab the ends of the triangle and tie them behind your head, above your hair.

Be careful, for this look to keep all its style, be sure to select a scarf with an elegant pattern and a noble material such as silk for example. Avoid synthetic scarves which may prevent the scalp from breathing.

Accessorize a ponytail with a scarf

The ponytail, it’s hard to do without. It’s the hairstyle that we do every day but which can sometimes lack originality … So to stylize this hairstyle a little more classic, there is the scarf!

For a quick but elaborate hairstyle, tie your hair into a relatively low, not too tight (so not too flawless or too pulled / tight) ponytail. Then simply tie a rectangle scarf about 3 centimeters wide around your elastic and let both sides of the scarf fall along your ponytail. You can even bring movement to this hairstyle by making a wavy with a curling iron.

Tie your scarf as a headband

To get a headband from a square scarf, you will first need to fold your scarf into a triangle. Then grab the point of the triangle and bring it inward.

Continue to fold until your scarf is the size you want. You will then obtain a long rectangle scarf. You can now position the scarf on your head and tie it under your hair at the nape of the neck.

Do not hesitate to let a few strands fall on your face to avoid the little girl look.

Tie a scarf in a bun

This hairstyle will require a bit of length and patience for you. But the result is worth it!

First, tie your hair into a ponytail and tie a scarf around your elastic. Then separate your hair into two parts by adding one side of the scarf to each of them. Take one of the two parts and divide it, also into three parts: two sections of hair and one of scarf. Make a classic braid, the scarf intertwining between the hair.

Repeat with the other part of the hair. Then wrap the braids in opposite directions around the elastic, overlapping them to form a bun. Secure everything with pins.

How to make a scarf hold on short hair?

Women who have taken the plunge for short haircuts often regret the lack of hairstyle possibilities. While there isn’t a plethora of possibilities, tying a scarf in short hair can bring color and freshness to your style.

In order for your scarf to fit on your short haircut, you will absolutely need tie the scarf directly on your head. Do not hesitate to add hairpins so that the scarf does not slip.

How to hold a silk scarf in the hair?

We love silk: it is a light, supple and shiny material that brings a lot of elegance to a hairstyle. Unfortunately, silk tends to slide down the hair easily, especially when the hair is thin and very smooth. But do not draw a line on the silk scarf because there are a few tips to keep it in place all day. In addition, silk is a material that greatly contributes to the beauty of the hair.

The most subtle and probably the most effective technique is hold the scarf with discreet bobby pins. If you have folded your scarf, you will just have to slide the pins over the folds so that they disappear completely.

Otherwise, you can choose to completely integrate your scarf into your hairstyle by braiding it in your hair, for example. The scarf will not move and you will get an original and very trendy hairstyle.

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