5 ways to wear the curly bob

5 ways to wear the curly bob

5 ways to wear the curly bob

The square is THE fit essential and timeless ! Smooth or curly, it is suitable for all types of hair. However, it does require some adjustment depending on the type of curls you own or want to achieve. DESSANGE presents you the curly squares to adopt according to your morphology and your hair type.

The wavy blur square with bangs

This square Styled-Disheveled goes perfectly with lengths at the base of the neck. Containing both volume in height and in the lower part of the face, it is suitable for many body types. Faces with a more pronounced lower part (maxillae with straight, square, rectangular and / or thin chin lines), but also elongated faces or whose forehead is wider than the lower part of the face, will be particularly advantaged with that kind of cut. If you have a nose with a more prominent edge, this type of bang will flatter your profile as well.

The glamorous curly bob

This square requires a certain length. The hair must therefore fall to the shoulders to be able to bring the necessary movement and create wide and beautiful, glamorous curls well drawn. The advantage of this square is that it suits all face shapes. Nevertheless, given its very sophisticated side, we advise you to reserve this version of the square for special occasions.

The short curly bob

The short curly bob (above the shoulders) combines femininity and simplicity. This smooth and light cut is particularly suitable for small faces whose port de tĂȘte will be highlighted.

The long wavy square

The wavy square is also suitable for all women. However, it is better to have the straight or supple hair to achieve the perfect “out of the beach” wavy style. Already having pronounced waves, hair that is too curly, frizzy or frizzy should be smoothed upstream, in order to be able to bring the wavy side afterwards. Fine hair is the luckiest because the wavy square will do wonders on this type of hair: the waves will bring volume and the illusion of a hair mass more important.

The curly ball square

The curly ball square is ideal for bringing bounce to curls and maximum volume. Besides being perfect on long and oval faces, it also tends to rejuvenate features. So what more can you ask for?

The loops require a attention at all times. For their daily maintenance, discover the full range of shampoos and hair care specially designed for curly hair. And if when you wake up your waves look gray, redesign them perfectly with our styling products. These will allow you to structure your curls and ensure their maintenance All day long.

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