6 photos to decide

6 photos to decide

6 photos to decide

For the start of the 2015 school year, it’s decided, you want a change of look and that also goes through your hair! Stuck for inspiration in terms of hairstyles for the curves? Don’t panic, here are 6 ideas to copy if necessary!

Hairstyles for curves: not everything is allowed?

Just like clothing: some implicit prohibitions stipulate that it is better to avoid this or that kind of cut for the rounds. Some would emphasize this too much while some would not hide that enough … and blah-blah-blah and blah-blah-blah. Want to send waltz the good rules of conduct and make yourself happy?

So follow the example of our round models of the day who did not hesitate to opt for several types of hairstyles. Above all, do not hesitate to tell us which are your favorites and those that you would like to adopt!

1- Hunter McGrady and the “long hair” style

Long nude-style hair that floats gently in the wind is always sublime … Whether you have wavy or straight, it will always have its effect. However, we retain the ultra trendy wavy effect!

2- Laurence Boccolini and the “mid-court” style

Hello !!!! pic.twitter.com/3z5fXlSoCs

– laurence Boccolini. (@ boccolini1) June 15, 2015

Useful when you don’t like spending three hours styling your hair in the morning: shoulder-length hair! This certainly rejuvenates a silhouette and gives a very nice little rock’n roll style!

3- Tara Lynn and the “square cut” style

The square cut emphasizes the shoulders too much on a round? Ah good ? Well, too bad, in any case it will be delightful to Tara Lynn so do not hesitate to let yourself be tempted.

4- Firmine Richard and the “very short” style

Do you dare to adopt the Firmine Richard total look? Really very short hair that perfectly matches her personality, we love it!

5- Amina Mucciolo and her dreadlocks

Amina Mucciolo is one of those who don’t care about codes! She sports a real rainbow hairstyle with her dreadlocks of all colors!

6- Sarah and the “bangs” style

Sarah, one of the round bloggers we follow, presents us with a long hair cut with bangs! So, seduced or not?

As you can see, there are a multitude of combinations in terms of haircuts, the trick is to find the one that we like, no matter what “what will be said”.

There aren’t any “curvy hairstyles” specifically. Our models of the day all have a round morphology and yet have no hairstyle in common. The proof that style is first and foremost a matter of personal taste, and remember that you are never as beautiful as when you are feeling well!

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