6 tips for curling them without heat

6 tips for curling them without heat

6 tips for curling them without heat

We know that curling or straightening irons damage our hair in the long term. Including when using a protective spray. Do you dream of curly hair? What if we told you that it is quite possible to achieve this result without heat? The editorial staff have compiled their best tips for sporting a magnificent wavy mane.

1 – Braids

Yes, before all this technology was invented, people curled their hair in braids. For best results, we recommend showering and braiding just before going to bed. We can thus keep them all night and while drying, our hair will take the desired waves. Wake, you simply untangle them with your fingers. Especially not with a brush.

For less tight curls, we are satisfied with two braids on each side of the head. And for a nice natural wavy, the ear braid on the whole hair is perfect.

2 – The headband

It has been all the rage for a few years, especially in summer, because you can reproduce a bohemian hairstyle, inspired by the pin-up style. Well, that’s not its only asset! Still on wet hair the night before, wrap your hair around it, strand by strand, starting at the front of the head. The more you tighten the locks around the headband, the more the curls will be structured. Glamorous waves without heat are yours!

3 – Hair plopping

What is this invention again? You may know it as “plunking”. To make it, you will need a microfiber towel or a cotton t-shirt. Head forward, dry your hair with either. Then, lay the fabric flat and place your hair in the middle. Fold the fabric all around your head and leave for a few hourswhile your hair dries.

4 – Socks

This technique is perfect if you have a mountain of old socks that have lost their twins. First cut 4 socks the length of your hair. Then, separate your wet hair into 4 parts. Attach the first sock to the top of your skull using pliers.

Next, separate the lock of hair into two parts. Wrap each of them on the sock, so that they cross each other. Repeat the operation on the three large locks remaining and allow to air dry.

5 – Macaroons

It’s even funnier when you know that space buns are making a comeback this year ! For naturally curly hair, we realized that macaroons were really effective. To do so, you still have to have a certain length of hair and a little thickness.

First separate your hair into three locks, on three levels : the top of the skull, the back of the skull and the bottom, very close to the nape of the neck. With the three wicks obtained, make three pretty tight macaroons which you will leave to dry in the open air before untying with your fingers. Magical !

6 – The wrappers

We didn’t care about our grandmothers with their curlers… but they weren’t wrong! Make way for a last heat-free and eco-responsible curling technique. Because she us allows you to reuse old t-shirts that we no longer wear and which remain in a ball at the back of our closet.

Start by cutting as many strips as possible (they must be wide enough). Roll them up on themselves so as to form a small sausage. Separate your hair into as many strands as there are strips of fabric. Put this sausage at the end of the wick and roll up to the end. You can also do it only on the lengths if you prefer to keep your roots flat.

Once you have reached the desired height, all you have to do is tie the two ends of the fabric sausage. The next morning, we get pretty ringlets, with a very natural finish. It is more pleasant to sleep, because very flexible.

And you, what are your tips for curling your hair without heat? We are waiting for you on the forum, section Beautyto discuss.

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