6 tips for hair color that lasts

6 tips for hair color that lasts

6 tips for hair color that lasts

When you leave the hairdressing salon, your hair is light and bright. The color is vibrant and we want it to last forever. After a few weeks, however, hard water, shampoos and external aggressions alter the coloring and dull the hair. Extending the shine of a color requires regular maintenance, the secrets of which DESSANGE Beauty Mag reveals.

Prepare your hair for coloring

A hair ready to receive color is a hair that will keep it longer. Healthy hair will absorb the product better: the hair fiber, which is less porous, will allow the color to cling better. Ideally, the hair is prepared a week beforehand, by intensely moisturizing it. DESSANGE Paris beauty hair oil moisturizes, protects and enhances all hair types. A few drops are enough, applied to the wrung-out lengths before brushing, or as a finish to dry hair.

On the other hand, it is recommended not to wash your hair the day before or just before coloring. Too clean hair could cause the product to slip off.

The color depends on the nature of the hair

Regarding the color fastness, several parameters can influence the result:

  • The very nature of the hair: some catch the color better than others
  • Hair CV: color holds better on previously bleached hair
  • The color chosen: the lighter or softer the color, the faster it passes

In DESSANGE salon, the expert colourist establishes a personalized diagnosis and gives you his advice before proceeding with the coloring.

Colored hair: a fiber to pamper

After the salon coloring stage, the real maintenance work begins. Each wash will remove pigments. The rule of thumb is to space out shampoos, leaving at least three days between each. While it is difficult to stick to this schedule, it is possible to “cheat” using a dry shampoo. This powder, to be left on for a few minutes at the roots, helps to absorb excess sebum and, in troubleshooting, to find a clean and airy hair.

We also rely on appropriate care. Colored hair is sensitized and attacked: it must be pampered, otherwise the color will quickly bleed and fade and the fiber will become dry and porous. Today, there are many hair care products – shampoos, conditioners, masks – specially designed to maintain the color, that is to say to prolong the hold of the color while boosting its radiance and reflections. It is recommended not to ignore the conditioner, especially in the two weeks following coloring. Preferably, maximizing the downtime for optimal benefits.

The color shine shampoo from the DESSANGE Paris collection and the color shine mask from the DESSANGE Paris collection preserve the radiance of the color to reveal its beauty every day. Black pearl extract, tamanu oil and anti-fading agent are the secret of these products. Perfectly cleansed, nourished and protected, colored hair regains lightness, softness and shine.

A new hair routine

To maintain hair with multiple reflections, hydration is not everything. Once a week, it is advisable to replace your usual shampoo with a repigmenting shampoo. The latter deposits pigments on the surface of the hair and boosts the intensity of the color. Natural Pigma color perfecting repigmenting shampoos revive and nuance the color of colored, highlighted or natural hair.

DESSANGE Paris raspberry vinegar rinse lotion, enriched with black pearl, amaranth oil and fruit acids, neutralizes limestone particles that dull hair and tightens their scales for a sublimated shine.

Electrical appliances

After washing, the hair is gently dried by dabbing it with a terry towel. The hair dryer is set to low temperature, or even to the “cold” option. The lengths dry a little less quickly, but the coloring is protected. It is also recommended to space out the uses of shaping devices, such as curlers and straighteners.

Watch out for the sun

The return of spring makes you want to expose yourself, but beware of the ravages of the sun on the skin, and on the hair! Protecting the coloring from UV rays will preserve the color and prevent the “haystack” effect of a dried out hair fiber. The anti-uv treatment vaporizes approximately every two hours. Symbio Sun Phytodess tamanu dry oil preserves the radiance of the color and adorns the hair with a finish glossy.

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