6 vegetable oils to take care of your hair

6 vegetable oils to take care of your hair

6 vegetable oils to take care of your hair

Your colleague assured you, the oil baths literally saved his hair. But faced with so many choices and possibilities, you don’t know which one to choose? Here is a short guide to help you target YOUR miracle oil according to your needs.

1 – Coconut oil

Shine, radiance and hydration : here is the promise of coconut oil for your hair. Composed of 50% of a fatty acid saturated with a particular affinity for the keratin of the hair, it penetrates the hair deeply to give it all its benefits.

In addition, it has a “protective veil” effect which protects the hair from dehydration. This vegetable oil is particularly recommended for very dry hair or Afro, frizzy or very curly hair.

2 – Jojoba oil

The greatest particularity of jojoba oil is that its composition resembles human sebum. It will therefore be the new best friend of people with greasy hair in order to help rebalance their scalp.

To do this, the principle is simple: before your shampoos, coat your hair, roots included therefore, leave on for a few hours, rinse. You should soon be able space out your shampoos a bit.

3 – Castor oil

Whoever you are, you have certainly heard good things about it from your grandmothers. Renowned for its action on eyelashes and nails, castor oil is also present in many hair care products. It can be considered as the magic product that will allow you to regain your strong hair and in good health.

If you want to nourish, fortify, shine, grow your hair or reduce your dandruff, this oil is for you. Only problem, it is very viscous and thick. You may be required to dilute it with another oil so as not to weigh down your mane.

4 – Avocado oil

Here is an ally of choice for people whose hair is dull, tired and brittle. Indeed, avocado vegetable oil is rich in fatty acidwhich allows him to strengthen the hair and protect it from external aggressions. With it say goodbye to damaged hair and hello to a soft and supple mane. What could be better ?

5 – Mustard oil

Mustard oil has three great virtues: limitation of hair losstheir fortification and gaining action. Vitamin E and A, beta-carotene, zinc and omega 3, it is full of ultra healthy and beneficial components which make it a must-have for hairdressing. And yet, we forget it so often!

6 – Broccoli oil

Before saying anything, don’t expect this oil to smell of anything other than cabbage… But it’s worth it, we promise! The advantage of this vegetable oil is thatit replaces silicones rather well found in many hair products.

It is therefore the miracle elixir to sheathe and discipline your hair. It can be used on all skin and hair typesalthough it is particularly recommended for the mature and dry ones and the dry onesbrittle or frizzy.

So what is your winning oil? We hope that this overview has been able to help you find your way among all these bottles with incredible promises. Healthy hair is yours!

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