6 ways to refresh your cut yourself

6 ways to refresh your cut yourself

6 ways to refresh your cut yourself

No time or no desire to go to the hairdresser? You don’t have to be a professional to refresh your cut. We give you some tips and advice to change the volume, length or even add a touch of color. You will see, it’s easy ! On the other hand, if you want to change your head for the spring and you are not used to it, we advise you to go to a salon to avoid a hair disaster. In the meantime, here are our tips to refresh your cut!

1 – Brighten to bring more light

Has your hair been tarnished by winter? feel free to bring brightness to your locks with a light sweep that you will do at home. To find the perfect color, go to your supermarket shelves.

Start from the roots to reach the ends. And if you prefer an ombré: focus on the ends while blending the color throughout your strand. You can lighten them in a tone for a guaranteed sun effect!

2 – Break down the hair to bring more volume

Do you find your hair too thin, long and flattened? Gradient is your best friend! He will come bring movement and volume to your hair. Whether you have long, shoulder-length or short hair: anyone can try!

If you don’t feel like tapering the lengths first, opt instead for the contours of the face. Either way, watch a few tutorials like the one below before you touch your pair of scissors.

3 – Curl or straighten to change your style

Don’t feel like cutting your hair or applying color or highlights? Never mind ! You can very easily change your usual style by curling or straightening your hair, unlike what you are used to doing.

Of course, you can use a regular straightener and / or a curling iron. But if you don’t feel like rushing your hair, know that there are very simple tips for curling without heat or smooth without heat. All you have to do is choose your favorite technique!

4 – Make bangs

Don’t panic, you won’t find yourself the laughing stock of the internet with a haircut that clearly ended badly. There are simple and reliable techniques that allow you to achieve the bangs of your dreams according to your hair type.

You can make bangs straight, short, tapered, to the side or even test the big trend of curtain bangs. Clarification : the thinner your hair, the thicker your bangs should be, and vice versa.

5 – Change your side line

Know this: the choice of a parting on the right, left or in the middle, determines the structure and the style of a cut. If you fancy a change, why not move it around? Of course, it will be necessary to respect the natural implantation of your hair.

You can for example opt for the low line, very close to the ear, for an unstructured effect. Note that this year, the tendency is to line in the middle. We’re back to the classic!

6 – Refresh your tips yourself

Another option: refresh our tips a little, which end up turning into forks! On straight to wavy hair: we draw a parting in the middle and we part her hair in half before bring back to the front of the shoulders. Then we go to picketing (scissors vertically and give small quick strokes on the tips).

For curly to frizzy hair, same technique. You can also twist your locks with your fingers, stretch and cut slightly at an angle at the heart of the wick in order to obtain a gradient.

Here is something to breathe new life into your hairstyle and change your look as you see fit! If you want to go further, we have 16 cuts and hairstyles to try on curly and frizzy hair. If you have thick hair, here are 11 hairstyles to make it look great. And to finish, we share with you the 5 hairstyles that will be a hit this spring-summer 2021.

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