7 bad beauty habits to forget without delay

7 bad beauty habits to forget without delay

7 bad beauty habits to forget without delay

Whether in terms of (de) makeup, manicure or care, we all have little quirks that are more or less advisable for the good health of our skin. DESSANGE lists these habits to ban from our daily lives.

Exfoliate your skin too often

Exfoliating the skin allows to refine its texture, tighten the pores, restore radiance and luminosity to the complexion, stimulate cell renewal and promote the penetration of cosmetic active ingredients. As you will have understood, exfoliation is essential to have beautiful skin. But then, overdoing it can have the opposite effect! Even if your skin is not initially sensitive, exfoliating too often can irritate and burn it, making it fragile and much more reactive.
To avoid this kind of problem when you scrub (which we remind you should not be done more than once a week) here are some tips:

  • Use a facial cleansing brush
  • Check that your scrub does not contain ingredients that your skin cannot stand
  • Prefer coarse-grained exfoliators, which are less abrasive to the skin

Apply varnish without base

Whether hardening, whitening or smoothing, the base protects the nail from daily aggressions. It ensures a longer lifespan of the varnish and protects the nail from yellowing and splitting. In addition, it facilitates the installation and removal of varnish. In short, the base is essential for a successful manicure!

Pump your mascara tube

It is a reflex that we often have: pump the brush of your mascara to get the product at the bottom of the tube … Error! In fact, each time you pump your mascara brush, you allow air to enter the tube, which naturally tends to dry out the product. Not to mention the fact that by doing this gesture, a multitude of ambient bacteria can enter your mascara. And these are the same bacteria that will then be deposited on your eyelashes! We recommend that you “scrape” the edges of your tube by pushing the brush on the sides of the latter.

Use sunscreen only in summer

In France, we tend to think that the use of sunscreen is only valid in the summer, before exposure to the sun. Wrong, since UVB hits all year round, even in cloudy weather and through windows. This is why it seems that the almost daily use of sunscreen regardless of the season, would slow down skin aging and help prevent the risk of cancer linked to UV exposure. An index 15 is sufficient for these intermittent exposures of everyday life, as soon as you stay outside for 2 hours. But rest assured, almost all anti-aging creams and many day creams or even BB and CC creams, today contain photo-protectors in order to allow the skin to be protected in case of short exposure and punctual.

Do not remove makeup

Fatigue, laziness or the desire to wake up as “fresh” as you went to bed are all reasons that sometimes, the makeup removal step seems almost insurmountable. However, the latter is essential to keep beautiful skin. Indeed, whether you went to the office to wear makeup or whether you were out for a walk in nature without makeup, particles of dust, sebum and dead cells have accumulated on your skin, preventing it from breathing. This is why, no matter what you have done during the day, it is essential to remove your makeup (if necessary) and to clean your skin morning and evening, in order to prevent the appearance of impurities, comedones and aging. premature skin.

Do not hydrate your oily skin

Contrary to popular belief, all skin types, regardless of their type, need to be hydrated to face external aggressions and stay healthy… And oily skin is no exception! If oily skin is not hydrated, it will produce more sebum to create the protective barrier it needs, which could make the problem worse. There are specific treatments for oily skin – with light and fluid textures – to provide them with the hydration they need and rebalance the skin without making it shine.

Not washing your makeup brushes enough

Did you know your makeup brushes contain more bacteria than your toilet bowl? Yes, yes, it is indeed true! In addition to accumulating dust, your brushes retain a lot of dirt and materials associated with the repeated use of various powders, lipsticks and foundations. They therefore very quickly become veritable nests for microbes. Every time you use them, therefore, you are spreading germs on your skin which are responsible for the clogging of the pores, the appearance of pimples and skin irritation. The ideal is therefore to clean your brushes after each use, or at least once a week in order to limit these risks.

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