7 retro hairstyles that are a hit this season

7 retro hairstyles that are a hit this season

7 retro hairstyles that are a hit this season

Fawcett Flip, Brushing Flip or Baby Braids … if you follow hairstyle trends, you know that retro is on the rise this season! Vintage accessories are also popular with, among other things, the return of the crab claw and velvet accessories. Faced with all these cuts, we can quickly feel lost and no longer remember what is possible to do with our own hair. This is why the editorial staff decided to compile in one and the same article the 7 retro hairstyles that are a hit this season. Ready? Let’s go !

1 – The mule and the shag cut

This 70s star hairstyle has been brought up to date by Miley Cyrus and popularized in France by the journalist Lou Doillon. The mule and the shag cut (his little sister) will be two styles of hairstyles very popular this summer 2021. According to experts, for this to work, better to already have a very marked look. So ladies, are you ready to get started?

2 – The very marked brushing

The 80s and 90s were the high point of the famous brushing! Whether you decide to curl inward or outward, it is clear that this vintage hairstyle is gathering more and more followers. Bye bye the straightener, we get our round brush hidden at the back of the cupboard and we start exercising with our hair dryer. And if it’s really too complicated to do: our hairdressers have never lost touch !

3 – The very short cut, boyish style

Here, we are not talking about the famous bowl cut which was all the rage in the 80s and 90s. Some do not hesitate to revisit it 2021 style. shaving the sides and leaving longer strands on top of the head. A rock cut that you shouldn’t hesitate to feminize with a glamorous wardrobe. Be careful, however, its maintenance (if you want a stylized rendering) requires regular visits to the hairdresser.

4 – Hair worn long and smooth

The time of the hippies is back! Unlike the boyish cut, we also find the long hair, (very) smooth and worn with the parting in the middle of the head, and not on the side. A double-edged hairstyle for this summer: “straight hair” natures will have no trouble adopting it. Those who curl naturally may not want to straighten their hair, especially if it’s 38C outside. To see, therefore, if this hairstyle trend will persist …

5 – the square cut

If there is one hairstyle that has come back to the fore (and, ultimately, has never been out of fashion), it is the bob. Whether straight, plunging, long or short, fashionistas have been very popular with it this winter. And it is about to be so successful this summer! 90s star, he does not require daily maintenance and gives a styled look in all circumstances. We predict a bright future for the summer of 2021 or even 2022!

6 – the vintage bun

Remember the superb retro updos by Jane Birkin or Audrey Hepburn … To achieve them, you will first need make a shell on top of your skull. Next, we fold our lengths into bananas, securing them with flat pins. Another variation: fold them back into a loose bun. Finally, we lower a few strands around our face for a falsely overlooked effect

7 – The bandana in the hair

Let’s not finish a hairstyle, another legacy of the hippie years: the colored bandana in the hair. We can simply tie it around the head, loose hair. Or twist it in a long braid or use it for tie your hair in a bun. There are as many ways to wear it as there are styles and desires. Let your imagination run wild and get inspired by vintage photos!

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