7 tips to take care of it naturally

7 tips to take care of it naturally

7 tips to take care of it naturally

As we know, maintaining your frizzy hair is not always easy. Naturally dry and brittle, they require a lot of maintenance when you want to keep them natural, without resorting to weaving or braids for example. Today, the editorial staff gives you its 7 tips to take care of them, revitalize them and nourish them deeply. Follow the guide !

1 – Hydrate daily

If there was just one tip to remember, it would be this: hydration is more important than ever with frizzy hair. It is the basis for allowing our hair to grow normally and be stronger, healthier and therefore less brittle. To do so, several options are available to you.

One of the most effective is to spray your hair with a mixture of water and vegetable oil every 2 or 3 days. For example, castor oil coats your hair and enhances your curls naturally. We particularly like the Mira brand which offers pure, crude, no added oils from Madagascar and from France. They all know their producers and the bottles are made of glass and bamboo.

In order to prevent the water / oil mixture from evaporating too quickly, it will have to be “retained”. For that, apply a dab of shea butter, avocado, mango or cocoa for example. You can also use vegetable oil (macadamia, jojoba …). At the key? Hydrated and radiant hair all year round!

2 – Make oil baths and deep treatments

With frizzy hair, sometimes you need to do a deeper treatment. For the oil bath, it is about coating your hair with vegetable oil and leaving it on long enough for it to act directly on the hair fiber and the scalp. do not forget to massage the latter a few minutes with fingers. It is best to leave it on for at least three hours or even overnight. The next day, wash with your usual shampoo.

As for the care, we will come provide a high dose of protein and hydration using a mask to make once every 10 days. You can make it at home or buy it directly from the store by selecting a product dedicated to frizzy hair. Coat your hair, close it all with a hot towel and leave for an hour before washing with your usual shampoo.

3 – Forget straightening iron, straightener and curling iron

It’s’enemy number 1 of frizzy hair. Even short hair elsewhere. Because this type of device dries up and damages the hair fiber. We end up with brittle and indomitable hair. Instead, let it air dry. And if you feel like straightening or curling your hair every now and then, especially do not forget to use a protective spray suitable for frizzy hair.

4 – Treat yourself to a satin pillow or scarf

You may not have known it, but the cotton of your pillowcase and the friction when you move durably damage the hair fiber. The trick to strong, shiny hair? Sleep with a scarf. And if you can’t stand this contact, treat yourself a silk pillowcase. A natural fabric on which the hair will slide, without breaking.

5 – Drink regularly and eat healthy

The health of our hair starts with what we put on our plate! Drinking water is essential for hydration total of your body (including hair!). As for food, try to balance it as much as possible. And especially, add foods that will help growth and to strengthen your frizzy hair: salmon, sweet potatoes, lentils, spinach, eggs or even nuts.

6 – Adopt protective hairstyles

Sometimes your frizzy hair will need a little help. Thereby, try to wear protective hairstyles from time to time. Pigtails, scarves, wigs, braids … whatever the technique. The goal is to protect the oldest part of your hair : peaks.

Be careful, for the trick to be effective, your hairstyle should not be too tight nor that you wear it too long. Without it, you risk your hair becoming brittle again.

7 – Cultivate your patience and regularity

This is perhaps the second most important tip in this article. If you want to have healthy frizzy hair that grows normally, you need to show two qualities. Patience first of all. Because, flash news, hair doesn’t grow overnight and will need time (and love). The second quality: regularity. To obtain the desired result, it will be necessary to be regular in the care that we have discussed below. But believe us, it’s worth it!

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