8 simple tips to take care of your hair in winter

8 simple tips to take care of your hair in winter

8 simple tips to take care of your hair in winter

Did you think that summer is when your hair suffers the most? Well, think again. Heating, static electricity, bad weather… in winter, hair is often dry, damaged and sorely lacking in vitamins. But don’t panic, there are very simple tips for taking care of your hair this season and sporting beautiful hair! Ready to test them? We guide you.

1 – Ditch the beanie

Yes, it may be very difficult for some, but know that the cup (regardless of its composition) generates excess sebum. Hair becomes greasy, prone to static electricity, and eventually begins to fall out !

Don’t panic, we won’t leave you with your ears in the cold. In writing, we have already adopted wool headbands and other warm materials. You can find it in almost every store. and there are many models: from the most classic to the most fancy.

2 – Do not take out wet hair

Whether you’re in the pool or stepping out of the shower, forget about going outside with wet hair. There is nothing worse than the water/cold combo, because it breaks the hair fiber. Wait until they dry naturally or use your hair dryer (not at its maximum power and not very close to the hair so as not to dry it out).

3 – Brush your hair morning and evening

This may sound silly to you, but this action will smooth the sebum from the tip to the scalp. It is thanks to this greasy protective film that your hair will be protected from external and internal aggressions.

4 – Trim your split ends regularly

With turtlenecks, scarves and hoods, split ends will start to multiply. To ensure the good growth of your hair even in winter, you will have to cut it very regularly. Watch your hair and correct the split ends regularly (even by a few millimeters).

5 – Opt for “protective” hairstyles

when you go out, avoid leaving your hair down, because they are totally exposed to the cold, wind, snow, friction, etc. “Protective” hairstyles are so called because they protect the hair from UV rays and other aggressions. It is in fact to make a hairstyle (bun, braid…) above the neck. Be careful not to pull or overtighten the hair.

6 – Take care of your diet

We can not emphasize this enough : having beautiful hair also depends on food ! On the menu: vitamins C (present in fruits and vegetables), vitamins E (dried fruits, vegetable oils, etc.), selenium (fish, cashew nuts, macadamia nuts, pistachios, etc.), B vitamins (cereals, brewer’s yeast) and zinc (whole grains, cocoa, meat…). With all this, your hair will be beautiful!

7 – Adjust the temperature of your shower

We agree: there is nothing more delicious than a hot shower in the middle of winter. But this is not good for your hair or your skin. Instead, wash your hair with lukewarm water and finish with a jet of cold water.. This will tighten the scales and give shine to your hair.

8 – Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

this is valid all year roundbut even more in winter and summer when the hair is attacked. We therefore do a quick treatment after each shampoo as well as one or two masks per week. (leave on for at least 30 minutes). You can also apply a little dry oil in your hair. To each woman her ideal formula, the key is to hydrate them very very regularly.

And you, what are your tips for taking care of your hair in winter? Come and exchange them in the section Beauty on the forum.

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