9 bad habits that damage them to banish

9 bad habits that damage them to banish

9 bad habits that damage them to banish

Going outside with wet hair, detangling it by pulling, never using a hair mask, tying it up every day… without realizing it, we mistreat our hair on a daily basis. Result ? The fiber is brittle, dry, less shiny and unhealthy. Do you want to restore all their beauty to your hair without spending a fortune at the hairdresser or on industrial care? Start by chasing these 9 bad habits!

1 – Washing your hair too often

Did you think you would do them good by washing them every day or every other day? Well, unfortunately it’s the other way around. By doing this you prevent the scalp from developing the layer that protects the skin of the skull and the lengths. They are suffocated under the particles contained in shampoos and treatments.

According to hairdressing professionals, they should not be washed more than twice a week, maximum. If at first they may be a little fat, you will see that they will quickly get used to this new breath of fresh air. It’s for their good!

2 – Go outside with wet hair

Especially in this cold weather! Be aware that damp hair is much more fragile than dry hair. Going outside promotes knots and hair breakage. The latter is actually more porous and therefore more sensitive to external aggressions. If you stay indoors, avoid the hair dryer at all costs. On the other hand, if you have to go out quickly after your shower, it will be essential !

3 – Rub your hair with your towel

Speaking of showering: that’s another reflex to banish. Are you used to rubbing your hair upside down? It’s very bad for the fiber that breaks. Rather stay straight and gently squeeze your lengths so that the towel absorbs the humidity. Your hair will be shinier once dry.

4 – Do irregular hair care

Just like the skin of our face, our hair needs a routine. If you make a mask once in a while, you will not reap the desired effect. First : start by applying a care after each shampoo.

And set yourself the rule of apply a hair mask for several hours at least once a week. Twice being perfect for the period. Also think about apply leave-in care after each shampoo. A tiny dab of coconut oil or shea butter on the lengths, for example.

5 – Tie your hair every day

Very tempting to avoid the static electricity of the scarf or the curls caused by winter humidity. Except that by tying them, you modify the capillary structure of your hair. This causes the fiber to break. So be sure to untie your lengths regularly.

And if you really have to tie them up, do not overtighten and opt for elastics that respect the hair fiber. Above all, be careful pulling when removing it.

6 – Wash your hair with very hot water

When it’s barely 2 degrees outside, we just want to stay in hot water for hours to warm up! It’s already not very good for our skin, let alone for our hair! You risk drying out your hair and worse, causing flakes and irritation on the scalp..

Not to mention the fact that there may be residues of shampoo and care. When you go to the hair, remember to lower the temperature and choose lukewarm or even cold water if you get there.

7 – Never clean your brush

We regularly think of removing the hair that is twisted on it, but not necessarily washing it. Yet it is essential. Our brush contains small dead skin, care residues and therefore inevitably, thousands of bacteria. Which will happily pour over our heads and cause all kinds of hair problems.

Translation : wash with soap and hot water at least once a week. Do not hesitate to soak in the soap for a few minutes before rinsing.

8 – Refuse to cut your tips

Do you dream of playing Princess Rapunzel? We understand you! But if you don’t cut your split ends regularly, they will go up little by little in your lengths. Result: it will soon be necessary to cut everything!

Thus, visit your hairdresser once a month or every two months, depending on how fast your hair grows.

9 – Sleep on a cotton pillowcase

We often hear women with Afro hair extol the merits of the silk pillowcase. This is also valid for European or Asian hair! Repeated friction on a cotton pillowcase ends up permanently damaging the hair fiber.

The experts therefore advise toinvest in a silk pillowcase that you can take with you everywhere as soon as you are not sleeping in your bed!

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