A minimalist beauty routine to take care of your skin!

A minimalist beauty routine to take care of your skin!

A minimalist beauty routine to take care of your skin!

Coating your skin with several layers of care can have the opposite effect from what you are looking for! Some do not match each other and their assets cancel each other out. A accumulation of cosmetics can also end in clog pores of your skin and prevent it from breathing properly … Finally, some products have a chemical formulation which can cause irritations even buttons.

The first question to ask yourself before investing in a multitude of products is therefore to determine whether your skin really needs it ? Take the time toobserve your skin and its evolution. There is no one ideal beauty routine that works for all skin types, so the best thing to do is to be attentive to your needs.

To choose the right treatments to integrate into your minimalist beauty routine, it’s important to know your skin type ! Not all products are suitable for all skin types, which is why, for each treatment to be effective, it is better to know how to recognize your own.

  • The normal skin : the one we all want! It is soft to the touch, without irregularities and tolerates all external aggressions (cold, heat, pollution …).

  • The dry skin : it is fine, but often tight and lacking in comfort.

  • The mixed skin : it is dry in places and oily on the T zone (the forehead, the nose, and the chin).

  • The oily skin : it is thicker, shines because of the excess sebum and the pores are dilated. Oily skin is prone to imperfections: pimples and blackheads.

Today, we are more and more aware of the product composition that we consume, qWhether for cosmetics or for the food we put on our plate, it is important to choose products whose composition is as raw as possible.

Select as a priority organic cosmetics, of 100% natural origin, more respectful of your skin. a certified organic care, means that the ingredients that compose it come from controlled cultures and respectful of the environment.

Exit the superfluous! The principle of a minimalist beauty routine is of do sorting to keep only what is strictly necessary. The best solution not to overload your cupboards is to use multifunction products. Here are 3 essentials:

  • a natural soap palm oil free can very well be used for body and face wash!

  • The vegetal oils, such as organic coconut oil, can be used as a moisturizer for the body and face, eye contour, lip balm, hair mask, makeup remover or even mouthwash …

  • the Shea Butter is ideal for moisturizing all parts of your body including your hair. It is also very effective on stretch marks, scars and sunburns …

THE’step not to be neglected, is of course that of makeup removal! Choose a organic cleansing oil such as Jojoba vegetable oil for example. The oil will remove all lipophilic impurities : pollution, sebum, makeup. Gently massage your face and remove the excess with washable make-up removing wipes, then rinse with lukewarm water. If you are not used to makeup, but wear sunscreen, this first step is also essential.

If there were only one gesture to respect, it would be the evening cleaning! All day long your skin absorbs all kinds of impurities … Cleanse your face at night with soap or foam is imperative to remove them. In the morning, it is not necessary to use soap, because the skin is not really dirty. To cool off, you can opt for a hydrosol adapted to the problems of your skin: rose, cornflower, lavender, witch hazel, …

Finally, it is advisable to use a moisturizer, morning and evening. You can also opt for a organic vegetable oil like Jojoba oil to deeply nourish your skin combined with A gelloe Vera for the hydration side. It may be interesting to also apply a serum under your day or night care. This active care concentrate will be more easily absorbed by your skin.

The needs of your epidermis change, which is why it is advisable to adapt your routine according to the seasons, hormones, or even sun exposure …

THE’exfoliation is important to help cell renewal, nibble on dead cells, and improve the penetration of the active ingredients of each treatment. The right pace? Once a week. Exfoliating well helps your skin breathe and limits the appearance of pimples. Prefer a gentle scrub without grain so as not to attack your skin.

You will understand that having soft and radiant skin does not necessarily meanapplication of a multitude of products ! The important thing is to remain attentive to the needs of your skin by providing it with just what is needed. Avoiding the overconsumption of products, is good for your skin, your wallet … But it’s also ecological! Buying less products also means buying less packaging, less plastic and therefore striving for zero waste … To go further in the development of a minimalist and natural beauty routine, do not hesitate to check out Pinterest which is full of homemade beauty recipes.

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