a risk for pregnant women?

a risk for pregnant women?

a risk for pregnant women?

According to this study published on Sciencedirect.com on November 17, hair coloring and being pregnant do not go together. Hair dyes or bleaches cause a drop in sex steroid hormones. A disturbance that could result in stunted fetal growth, premature birth or low birth weight. We make a complete point on this news.

Endocrine disruptors & pregnancy hormones

Let’s first set the context. The study was carried out on 1,070 pregnant women aged 18 to 40, enrolled in the Porto Ricco Cohort Project, and with no particular obstetric history. Aiming to warn us, this study reminds us that care and beauty products often contain a wide range of chemicals that are considered “endocrine disruptors”. We refer here to substances as phthalates, parabens, phenols or toxic metals for example.

These products interact directly with our hormonal systems. This would result in disrupt the synthesis, regulation, transport, metabolism and reception of hormones. Hormones that are particularly vulnerable during pregnancy. Through this study, the researchers wanted to demonstrate the link between the use of skincare and beauty products with the levels of sex steroid hormones, estrogens, progesterones and thyroid hormones in pregnant women.

Also as part of the study, participants undergone physical examinations and completed various forms providing their demographics, profession, lifestyle and of course, use of beauty products and treatments. Like perfume, lotions, nail polish, mouthwash or even shampoo and other hair products. They also provided blood samples twicethroughout their pregnancy.

Using ethical cosmetics during pregnancy

These samples were analyzed for 9 steroid and thyroid sex hormones. It was at this precise stage that scientists discovered the link between hair products and pregnancy. Hair dyes, bleach, relaxers and hair mousse are associated with lower levels of sex steroid hormones. They are the ones who play an essential role in the continuation of the pregnancy and the final development of the fetus. Zorimar Rivera Nunez, lead author of the study, concludes:

“Changes in hormone levels, particularly during pregnancy, can have wide-ranging consequences. Beyond health at birth, including changes in infant and child growth. Pubertal trajectories and can influence the development of hormone-sensitive cancers such as breast, uterine and ovarian cancer. »

The answer to using chemicals during pregnancy? Ethical/natural/organic cosmetics of course. We have long been touting its benefits at The Body Optimist. And as far as hair coloring is concerned, do you know that we can totally 100% natural hair dye ? We shared with you several methods that respect your hair. We also gave you some tips to lighten your hair in a natural way.

Of course, it’s not about becoming hysterical and systematically checking everything. Corn keep one thing in mind: even when it comes to cosmetics, if you can eat it, it’s good for you! Choose natural products, ask your doctor and/or your midwife for advice. And stay away from chemical cosmetics and processed food as much as possible. You may even keep this reflex after your pregnancy. And take our word for it, your body will thank you!

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