adopt this summer’s trendy hair dye

adopt this summer's trendy hair dye

adopt this summer’s trendy hair dye

Want to change your mind smoothly? Rogue Hair is for you! No more subtle, blended sweeps all over the hair: this trend inspired by the 90s highlights the face with a set of colored or discolored strands that frame the face. DESSANGE deciphers this technique for you.

What is Rogue Hair?

The principle of this hair trend is to bleach, in a more or less contrasting way, two large strands of hair around the face, so as to give them a color different from that of the rest of the hair. The first two strands are therefore lighter than the rest, thus bringing light to the face, like a Hair Contouring. Even though this trend is mainly adopted by blondes or browns, it can easily be adapted to all hair colors and all tastes. So, the most daring will not hesitate to color these two locks in pastel pink, turquoise, flamboyant red or even platinum blonde!

Rogue Hair where does it come from?

Like barrettes, headbands and scrunchies, the Rogue Hair trend is straight back from the 90s. Many stars of this decade proudly displayed it at the time: Geri Halliwell, member of the group All Saints, Jennifer Aniston… More recently, it was Kylie Jenner and Dua Lipa who brought it up to date. And if you are wondering where the name comes from, you will find the answer by watching the X-Men saga! Indeed, this trend is inspired by the character of Rogue (Rogue in the French version) who has brown hair and two large white locks in the front.

How to adopt the Rogue Hair?

For a smooth change, we advise you to opt for a color close to that of the rest of your hair, in order to avoid excessive contrasts. As explained above, the two strands framing the face should be colored, blonde or at least lighter than the rest of your hair. It doesn’t matter your hair length – you just need to have the two front strands long enough to rest on either side of your face. You can tackle the Rogue Hair on smooth or curly hair, anything is possible. To take the ’90s trend even further, gather your hair back and tie it up with a big clip or a big velvet scrunchie, and leave both strands colored (or bleached depending on your choice), detached at the front of the head.

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