Alice Taglioni’s figure-eight braid

Alice Taglioni's figure-eight braid

Alice Taglioni’s figure-eight braid

For the first Montée des Marches of its 71st edition on Tuesday, May 8, the 2018 Cannes Film Festival has offered its share of international stars, but also French, including the face of DESSANGE, the sublime French actress Alice Taglioni.

Maison DESSANGE reveals how to achieve this wavy wild hairstyle, inspired by the spring-summer 2018 collection of the “New Sunrise” brand.

Step 1:
Draw a low parting on one side of the head.

Step 2:
On the side with the least material, start making a figure-eight braid – a 2-strand braid where a 3rd strand is wrapped in eight (the 3rd strand in question wraps around the two strands, once again). above, once below and so on like a knot in 8).

Your braid should stick well to the scalp and your locks should be relatively thin.

Step 3:
On the loose side of hair, create volume using the Matter Amplifier Fluid. And for a wild-wavy effect, work directly on your hair by gently crumpling it between your hands.
Finally, for silky and luminous hair, spray your lengths with the Shine Veil.

Our tip:

You can drop in a dash of Texturizing Powder and scrunch lightly with your fingertips to achieve that slightly ‘messy’ effect.

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