All about hair contouring

All about hair contouring

All about hair contouring

A flagship trend in the field of make-up *, contouring is also used today in cutting-edge hair techniques. Hair contouring, specially coloring made to highlight facial features, has everything to please. Your DESSANGE expert explains everything about this technique become flagship for several seasons.

What is hair contouring?

Hair contouring is a tailor-made coloring technique that aims to to enhance the most advantageous features of the face, but also to highlight the natural complexion of the face, its shape, as well as the bone structure. It is therefore a personalized technique aimed at sublimate face.

Hair contouring adapted to the shape of your face

Your DESSANGE expert puts his know-how and expertise at your disposal to carry out this coloring technique with its customary excellence. For successful hair contouring, he pays attention to every detail of your face to sublimate it and reveal your beauty.

If I have a round face

For round faces, the goal is to create more depth with nuances light and dark. It is then a question of lightening the hairline by darkening certain areas on your lengths. The contrast should be more marked at ear height, so as to frame your face perfectly. The face will therefore be stretched, the dark reflections on the front will have the task of bringing out the cheekbones and the jaw line. The objective: to break the baby side of the round face.

If I have an oval face

The advantage of oval faces is that they can wear absolutely anything! Hair contouring therefore becomes a pleasure, you can play with different gradients and shades of color. If you wish, you can highlight your cheekbones with lighter areas, to bring shine.

If I have a square face

Hair contouring allows soften and refine the features of square faces. Our experts therefore advise to work with shaded tones all around your face to round it and bring a little sweetness.

The trick is to accentuate the side darker at the temples and back of the neck and a little bit on the lengths. The highlights, on the other hand, will be applied at the level of your roots, but also at the level of the ends.

If I have a heart-shaped face

If you have a heart-shaped face, your face looks like an inverted triangle. It is therefore advisable to carry out a hair contouring which will aim to refine the top of your face and visually widen the bottom.

Your roots will therefore remain dark and your lengths and ends will be lightened. Dark roots will allow reduce the width of the top of your face and light lengths will have the opposite effect, while also bringing light to your hair.

If I have a long face

For long faces, the goal is to bring some width to the face. To do this, dark tones will be needed on the roots while a slight lightening will be achieved over the lengths.

Hair contouring adapted to your natural color

Coming straight from England, this versatile coloring technique comes true according to the shape of the face, but also according to the natural color hair. Several shades of coloring are used to create the highlights necessary to enhance the hair and features of your face.

Hair contouring on blond hair

So as not to weigh down your face, avoid colors that are too contrasting. Successful blonde hair contouring is hair contouring that is done tone on tone with different shades of blonde. If you have a round face, light blonde will be used at the root, natural blonde for the lengths and finally the darker blonde will be used to create shadow areas.

Hair contouring on brown hair

As on blonde hair, hair contouring on brown hair will always be more successful if it is done tone on tone. The art of hair contouring is to play on the nuances to enhance the face while subtlety.

The coloring process will therefore be the same: three browns will be highlighted on your hair. The first brown will be light, the second will be a natural brown, and the third a darker brown. In the same way as for blond hair contouring, light brown will be used at the root, natural brown will be used for the lengths, while dark brown will be reserved for the shadow areas.

Hair contouring on red hair

For red hair, tone-on-tone is also a must to achieve hair contouring that works. Three slightly different shades will therefore be used: a light red, a dark red and a red which is close to your natural color.

The advantages and disadvantages of hair contouring

Hair contouring is now a known and recognized technique, which works every time if performed by an expert. As a result, it has advantages that should not be overlooked:

  • This technique aims to make naturalness a priority, despite the use of coloring. The beauty of your hair will be highlighted and will be adorned with incomparable lightness
  • Anyone and all face shapes can take the plunge, hair contouring will adapt and highlight your assets
  • This hair technique does not require no frequent visits to your hairdressing salon. If you choose a light hair contouring, the regrowth will be very natural, without unsightly demarcation

The only possible downside to hair contouring is that it is difficult to achieve on short hair. Indeed, you need a minimum of material to be able to work with shading and other reflective effects.

How to maintain your hair contouring?

Thanks to his hyper natural side, hair contouring is a technique that requires little maintenance. As hair regrowth occurs at the roots, there is no no risk of observing coarse regrowth. You will simply need to apply a suitable treatment for colored hair in order to maintain softness and shine.


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