All about the permanent woman

All about the permanent woman

All about the permanent woman

Very trendy during the 1980s, the perm was long shunned for its too standard look with its tight curls. Today, this technique is back on the front of the stage and appropriates new hairstyle trends. DESSANGE explains everything about the perm.

The perm, what is it?

The perm is a irreversible hair curling technique. Indeed, although the curls lose slightly in definition over washing, the hair retains its curly appearance until it has completely grown back. Usually, it takes a year to regain the natural look of your hair.

To achieve this curly result, the hair, regardless of its original texture, is subjected to a treatment which breaks the envelope of the hair and makes it more malleable. They are then wrapped around curlers to give them the desired shape.

A few years ago, the perm offered a very tight result bringing a very rigid appearance. Because of this, this technique suffered from a bad reputation. Today, DESSANGE hairdressers are reappropriating it and adapting these new trends and techniques to give permanent hair back its nobility.

The perm: for whom?

Many people dream of waking up every morning with hair full of volume and movement. But can everyone really afford it?

What type of hair?

Technically, all hair types can be tempted by perms. Even the straightest hair can also claim a perm thanks to the care used. This penetrates the hair fiber and brings volume to the flattest hair.

However, be careful with sensitized hair. Colored hair will have to wait at least 15 days after their last coloring before trying your hand at perm.

In the weeks leading up to the perm, treat your hair in depth.

Which length ?

The perm can be done regardless of the length of your hair. Hair curlers come in as many sizes as there are hair lengths. Short haircuts can therefore also show off beautiful curls.

If legend has it that the perm does not hold up to the weight of long hair, that is not true. It is possible to make a perm on long hair For many months. The hairdresser will simply have to adapt the amount of curling and setting product.

Today, the rules of the perm and its technique have become more flexible and your DESSANGE hairdresser can perm all the hair or just a few strands, depending on the volume desired by the client.

How is the perm going?

Before making an appointment with your DESSANGE hairdresser, take the time to determine the size of the curls you want to achieve. The smaller the curlers used, the more curly the hair will be. So don’t hesitate to do a test with a curling iron before going to the hairdresser.

The process

After a passage in the shampoo chair and a pleasant massage of the scalp, your DESSANGE hairdresser will apply the curling treatment to your hair. He will then wrap each strand around rolls of different sizes for a natural effect.

The hair is then wrapped in cling film for 15 to 20 minutes.

The curlers are then removed and the hair washed. For drying, your DESSANGE expert will place you comfortably under a helmet that allows diffused drying for 15 to 20 minutes so that the curls form well.

Finally, your hairdresser will apply an oil to nourish and soften your hair.

What result can we hope for?

Today, the trend is for wide, supple and relaxed curls., but the permanent woman can allow you to achieve all kinds of curls: from wavy to curly.

The duration of the effects of the perm depends on the type of hair on which it is done and the size of the curls.

Does the perm damage the hair?

The perm dries up the hair fiber, especially if it is done on hair that is already dry. The perm can therefore weaken the hair, but with the advice of your DESSANGE expert and the application of a suitable routine before and after the perm, you should get hair on top.

How to maintain your perm?

To make your perm last, consider adapting your hair routine. Wash your hair with nourishing shampoo and don’t skip the conditioner and masks. To avoid attacking your hair, space out your shampoos and, if possible, do not use heating devices.

If you cannot wait for the time to air dry, use a hair dryer with a diffuser. Also remember to apply a thermo-protective treatment to preserve the hydration of your hair and protect it from heat.

To deeply nourish your hair fiber, masks, serums and vegetable oils will be your greatest allies. They will keep your hair soft and shiny. Opt for nourishing natural active ingredients such as shea butter, avocado or sweet almond oil recognized for their benefits on wavy, curly or frizzy hair.

Those who could no longer do without the result of the perm can repeat the technique 2 or 3 times a year. Touch-ups are also possible for women whose hair grows quickly.

If you want to find your original texture, you will have to take your troubles patiently and wait for your “permed” lengths to give way to your new lengths.

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