All about the shag cut

All about the shag cut

All about the shag cut

A flagship element of the 70s look, the Shag cut is one of the trendy hairstyles that go through the seasons without ever flinching. His very tapered lengths offer a Coiffé-Décoiffé look that appeals to more and more women looking for a more rock style than the classic wavy bob. If it offers a somewhat “rough” effect, its realization must be mastered and carried out by a hairdressing expert. Your DESSANGE hairdresser gives you all the secrets of this daring cut.

What is the Shag Cut?

The Shag cut comes from the English term “shaggy” which means “tousled”, “bushy” or even “bushy” and which would originally refer to rugs rather than to hair. Appeared in the 1970s, this voluminous haircut is set between the degraded cut and the neo-mullet.

Dynamic and very voluminous, the Shag cut exudes freedom and is today Charlotte Gainsbourg’s signature hairstyle. Tapered (sometimes roughly) on the lengths to create this layering effect, but short on the top of the head, the Shag or Shaggy cut, frames the face and offers a deceptively neglected, almost androgynous rock look.

At the time worn long or mid-length with the parting in the middle, the Shag cut evolves with the times while keeping its undeniable vintage style and its casual look, but can today be worn in many ways.

You can adopt this cut in the form ofa mid-length square with wavy or curly lengths, or with curtain fringe or long for example. However, avoid short bangs: your bangs must reach at least the level of the eyebrows or eyes.

Who can wear the Shag fit?

The Shag cut is suitable for everyone since your DESSANGE hairdresser can easily adapt the gradient and the length of the cut to your face shape and hair type. However, it is much more suited to round faces, thanks to the volume created above the head, as well as to oval faces, thanks to the play of structure on the sides.

The Shaggy cut can also be worn on short, mid-length or long hair, there is no length restriction. In terms of colors, the Shaggy cut is natural. So avoid colors too far from your base color. However, you can, if you wish, perform a light balayage to give your cut even more relief.

While some hair textures lend themselves more to this kind of cut than others, none should overlook the Shaggy cut.

The Shag cut on thick hair

The Shag fit is ideal for highlight thick curly or frizzy hair. This cut accentuates the movement of the curls and offers maximum volume at the lengths while thinning out the mass.

On a stiff, flexible, but not too thin base, the Shag cut will be easier to achieve and maintain. Do not hesitate to wave your hair a little to give a glamorous effect to the resolutely vintage look offered by the Shag cut.

The Shag cut on fine hair

If you have thin hair, your hairdresser will advise you toadopt a subtle Shaggy cut with a slightly less marked gradient to maintain maximum hair density and prevent loss of volume.

If you have mature hair, avoid the very unstructured and wavy version which can give a slightly sloppy look, and opt for a smooth shag cut instead which will give you an original, but elegant look.

How to get the Shag effect at home?

The advantage of the Shag cut is that everything (or almost) is played out at your DESSANGE hairdresser, because it is his know-how that allows you to sculpt your hair. Afterwards, the Shag cut requires very little styling time. That said, you can still perfect your cut with a good hair routine and the right actions.

Volumizing foams are particularly suitable for maintaining the wild effect of the Shag cut. Apply it to your lengths and roots sparingly and dry your hair with your head upside down to create maximum volume. If your hair is naturally supple and full, you can opt for air drying.

The day after your shampoo, if you don’t want to use a hair dryer again, you can add texture to your cut and volume to your roots with a texturizing water or with dry shampoo. Always work your hairstyle with your fingertips.

If you have straight or thin hair, you can sublimate your cut with waves to give it a little volume and substance. Beware of too defined curls like the curls which will completely break the falsely neglected effect which makes the charm of the cut. Instead, bet on a natural movement or a light wavy.

How to maintain your Shag cut?

If you have thick hair, consider making an appointment at your DESSANGE hair salon every two months. Otherwise, you can let your cut live for 3 to 4 months and let your gradient grow harmoniously.

If you are working your haircut using heating devices like the curling iron or hair dryer, consider protect your hair from heat with a thermoprotective milk. feel free to moisturize your hair regularly using suitable shampoos and masks.

This season, sport a vintage look that could not be more trendy thanks to this 100% natural cut, relaxed and deceptively neglected!

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