All you need to know about dark blonde

All you need to know about dark blonde

All you need to know about dark blonde

Tired of your angelic blond? Let yourself be tempted by coloring with more character. Halfway between chestnut and golden blonde, dark blonde is the easiest shade of blonde to adopt. Available in warm or cold tones, this blonde sublimates all skin tones from the lightest to the most matte and knows how to bring warmth and luminosity for an instant sun effect.

How to get a dark blonde?

Dark blonde is easy to achieve on a light base. On blond, just color tone on tone. If your hair is brown, you can achieve a dark blonde with the help of a dark golden blonde balayage. Dark bases will need to fade first.

Be careful, dark natural colors will have to be done step by step so as not to damage their hair. This is because if you don’t get the blonde you want the first time around, wait about six weeks before repeating the bleaching. To regenerate your hair between each bleaching, your DESSANGE expert can advise you on a set of moisturizing and fortifying treatments.

For a more natural look, you can also opt for a gradual lightening. You will then need to regularly perform your balayage or use the ombre hair technique.

Blonde or chestnut hair can also look towards the tie and dye or caramel highlights in order to bring a little relief to their dark blond. So that the coloring appears as natural as possible and catches the light, your DESSANGE hairdresser can create contrasts and vary the nuances.

As this shade of blonde approaches chestnut, it is said to particularly sublime women with dark skin and brown eyes, especially when its reflections are warm like with dark golden blonde or dark honey blonde. Fair or olive skin tones will tend to opt for a coloring with cool reflections such as a dark ash blonde.

What base color for a dark blonde?

While dark blonde is more easily achievable on a naturally light base, darker hair does not necessarily have to draw a definitive line on it.

As this shade of blonde offers many highlights, it particularly enhances long hair. If you have opted for partial work like wicks or tie and dye, feel free to fall for wavy waves in order to highlight the reflections of your hair on a daily basis for an out-of-the-beach effect. Do not hesitate to give your hair a little volume and hold using texturizing products if it is very straight.

Dark blonde can also offer a very glamorous look when paired with a beautiful updo or a smooth blow-dry.

Dark blonde on a light base

To switch to dark blonde, women with naturally blonde hair are at an advantage. They can directly succumb to tone-on-tone coloring to get a result in one step.

Be careful, although it can be tempting, do not color alone at home. Indeed, on very light blond, the color is difficult to impregnate. We then say that the product “slips”. The hair is washed out, dull and may even turn green. Only a DESSANGE professional will know how to determine the procedure to follow depending on the reactivity of the hair and their health to avoid the slightest risk and provide you with a color that meets your expectations.

Dark blonde on a chestnut base

Brown and dark blonde are very similar shades. The chestnut is a little more neutral than the dark blonde which, for its part, draws slightly on the golden. To go from brown to dark blonde, it may be interesting to opt for the balayage technique to minimize the work on the hair.

Dark blonde on a dark base

Getting a dark blonde on a dark base is far from impossible especially if you entrust your hair to a DESSANGE expert. Just be aware thatyou will have to go through a discoloration step and that it will take you several appointments in order to obtain a clear base before the application of the color. Indeed, going from brown to blonde does not happen in one step. By gradually bleaching, you will preserve your hair and, by applying appropriate care, will promote its regeneration between each appointment.

If you are unsure of your choice to totally lighten your hair, start with a caramel color which will bring pretty light reflections.

What is the difference between dark blonde and brown?

Dark blonde is the closest shade to chestnut. If chestnut is a fairly neutral color, dark blonde encompasses a wide range of shades ranging from ash blonde to golden blonde.

In general, you have to take into account the undertones of your skin to choose the right shade of blonde. Thereby, the clearer your complexion, the more you should favor cold highlights such as ash blonde. If, on the contrary, you have a mat complexion, go for warm undertones with a dark golden or copper blonde.

Getting a dark blonde with a balayage

Rather than going for a drastic change with tone-on-tone coloring on brown hair, you can choose to bring luminosity to your hair by performing a dark blonde balayage.

If you already have a dark blonde, or even a chestnut brown, but you want to inject some relief and more shine into your hair, you can also choose to do a light blonde balayage.

How to maintain dark blonde?

The maintenance of dark blonde is much easier than that of platinum blonde for example, but should not be neglected.

If you have naturally blonde or light brown hair, a routine of color-treated hair products and shine-boosting treatments should be enough. Also think about do regular nourishing care deeper, in the form of a hair mask, in order to preserve the suppleness of your hair. The alternation and variety of active ingredients will do your hair great good.

If you have gone from brown to blond, you will have to take care to regularly use care for sensitized hair. To strengthen the hair fiber possibly weakened by discoloration, perform weekly nourishing masks as well as oil baths to fight against hair porosity. If you are a fan of heated styling devices, consider using thermo-protective treatments and apply after each brushing a leave-in care like a serum or a cream.

Dark hair should also make sure to visit their home regularly. hairdresser DESSANGE in order to touch up the roots and refresh the blonde. As a general rule, it is advisable to resume appointments every six to eight weeks. If you have opted for a balayage, the touch-ups can be more spaced out.

Blond, if poorly maintained, can turn yellow. To avoid this, use once a week yellowing treatments that neutralize the yellow reflections of blond hair.

Be careful, bleached hair also tends to turn green when in contact with chlorine. So avoid going on vacation in the days following your discoloration or protect them with adapted hair care.

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