All you need to know about polar blond

All you need to know about polar blond

All you need to know about polar blond

Between platinum blonde and white blonde, polar blonde owes its name to its clear and silvery reflections reminiscent of Nordic landscapes. Much more than just a color, polar blond is a real trendy fashion accessory. Bold, original and full of character, polar blond hair color unfortunately does not sublimate all women. DESSANGE reveals all the secrets of this cold color to you.

What is polar blond?

Polar blond is one of the lightest shades of blonde. Between platinum blonde and white, this cool color is characterized by pearly, sometimes iridescent shades and reflections bordering on white and gray. Polar blond illuminates the face and wakes up dull hair.

How to get a polar blonde?

To obtain a true polar blond, it is necessary to lighten the hair and proceed to a total or partial bleaching. The discoloration can weaken the hair fiber, the polar blond is rather recommended for women who already have a clear base in order to obtain the desired result with as little discoloration as possible.

Ideally, brunettes will prefer a Californian blonde to maintain the health of their hair.

There are two methods available to you depending on the result you want to obtain:

Sweeping is a bleaching technique that plays on highlights by not covering your entire hair. The idea is to leave a few strands of hair natural in order to create depth. Balayage is reserved for women who already have a light base and wish to switch to polar blond or simply to bring light to their hair.

Total discoloration offers a much cooler blonde. After making a patina to remove all the warm and yellow reflections, we obtain a uniform blonde. It is possible to wear a polar blonde with darker roots visible to bring depth and space your touch-ups.

Whichever method you choose, ask your DESSANGE expert for advice and never do fading by yourself. Make an appointment in your hairdressing salon to take advantage of DESSANGE expertise and obtain the polar blonde you dream of.

Who can wear polar blond?

There is no rule but polar blond looks great on short haircuts. : pixie, short bob, mid-length … Indeed, this coloring is obtained with repeated discolorations which deeply sensitize the hair fiber. It is therefore preferable not to have too much length.

To preserve the hair fiber after discoloration, limit as much as possible straightening, perms or other chemical processes, as well as heating devices.

Polar blonde on porcelain skin

If you have a porcelain complexion, go for it. You have the ideal complexion to adopt polar blond. Indeed, this color is particularly suitable for Scandinavian beauties who display a fair complexion and eyes. If your hair is blonde, then you can settle for a polar blonde balayage to achieve the desired result.

Polar blonde on fair complexions

If your complexion is not transparent and your eyes are hazel, you can still succumb to polar blond as long as you have a cold complexion. Indeed, one of the rules when it comes to coloring is to choose a shade that contains the same undertones as the skin tone. If you have brown hair, then you will have to go through the total discoloration box.

Polar blonde on dark complexions

Polar blond is not the ideal color to sublimate women with a mat complexion. We advise you to opt for a pretty honey blonde or Californian.

What makeup to choose to accompany a polar blond?

Polar blond tends to harden the features, so you have to adapt your makeup to this new color. If you tend to favor neutral shades during the day, you can wear heavy makeup in the evening.

Above all, your complexion must be perfect. Hide small imperfections and redness with a little foundation and enhance your complexion with a little apricot blush. Then make up your eyes with orange colors and apply brown mascara that contrasts slightly with your polar blonde.

For evening make-up, dare a more glamorous and intense look. For example, you can go all out with a smokey eye and finish your look with a light lipstick. You can also go for a vermilion red mouth and a softer look.

How to maintain your polar blond?

To preserve the light of your polar blonde and the health of your hair, you must take care of it daily. Alternate between care for colored hair and care for sensitized hair. To deeply repair damaged hair fiber, apply a nourishing mask to your hair once a week. You can also carry out oil baths to rehydrate the hair in depth.

To avoid the appearance of the yellowish effect and preserve cold reflections and silvery which make the beauty of polar blond, use an anti-yellowing shampoo once a week.

If you are in the sun, protect your hair with specific hair products.

Finally, if you do not appreciate the contrast too marked between dark roots and polar blond, make an appointment in your DESSANGE hair salon. every 6 weeks.

If you have opted for balayage, an appointment every 3 months will allow you to maintain the beauty of your polar blonde.

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