Amel Bent, her new look: Top or Flop?

Amel Bent, her new look: Top or Flop?

Amel Bent, her new look: Top or Flop?

Apparently the summer gives wings to some Stars, at the risk of breaking their face by doing a Flop. Singer Amel Bent radically changed her look going blonde and posted a photo of her new hairstyle on her Instagram profile. A look that has not convinced all his fans who hastened to give their impressions on the web. “I really prefer you as a brunette” or “I preferred your color from before”.

Was Amel Bent inspired by singer Alizée?

A slightly rebellious look that reminds us of the singer Alizée who has radically changed her style since her hit “Me Lolita”. The latter made a comeback with her title “Blonde hair “ which was not unanimous. Obviously, so as not to do things halfway, Alizée dyed her hair blonde. But she was neither convinced by her album, nor by her look.

Is it a desire for Amel Bent to change her style altogether and definitively turn a page? Goodbye curves thanks to its diet, and long live the bleached blonde? History does not say it, but it is true that many brunettes use the blonde attitude like Zahia who recently made a remarkable climb of the stairs by inventing a whole new style! Let’s hope for Amel Bent that her metamorphosis will stop at a simple change of look! 😉

Original cuts this year

Last year the palm of the hair trend went handily to tie-and-dye. This year, the trend is more colorful (or discolored). More original colors, which it would be difficult to wear to the office or to go get your bread. Blue, pink, purple, anything goes as long as it’s unique! We have prepared for you a little mix of the latest photos posted on social media by the stars, which do you prefer?

Change your hairstyle or use hair accessories

The easiest way if you also want to change your hairstyle, it is to use hair accessories or to style your hair differently. It’s still less radical than having blue, green or red hair, and less expensive too! And if you’re looking for ideas, follow our quick and easy hairstyle tips.

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