An Ontario school has canceled watching ‘Lightyear’

An Ontario school has canceled watching 'Lightyear'

New York, 2022-06-24 12:59:00. An Ontario school has canceled watching ‘Lightyear’

An Ontario elementary school planning a field trip to the cinema this week has deemed the Disney-Pixar movie “Lightyear” unsuitable for students due to “questionable content,” announcing a last-minute decision to see a different movie in a letter to parents.

The spin-off animated feature “Toy Story”, with the main character Buzz voiced by actor Chris Evans, contains the inclusion of a brief kiss between a gay couple.

The field trip, organized by St. Clair of Assisi Catholic Primary School in Hamilton, took place on June 22, and the students, ranging in age from kindergarten to third grade, initially aimed to see “Lightyear” at Cineplex Cinemas.

But in a digital notice delivered to parents, the school notified parents “of the film [junior kindergarten to Grade 3] Students will see on Wednesday, June 22 changed to “Sing 2”.

“This change has been made from the original film ‘Lightyear’ due to questionable content in this film which we feel is not appropriate for all of our students,” the notice read.

The school, in its notice to parents, did not specify which content it found “suspicious” but offered parents the opportunity to refund if they no longer wish their children to attend.

The Hamilton Wentworth Catholic School Board confirmed to CTV News Toronto in a statement Friday that this decision has been made.

A spokesperson for the school board said: “The language, humor and general content of the film were inappropriate for age and not related to the curriculum.”

Recently, Disney faced protests from activists and its employees over what they described as CEO Bob Chapek’s slow response to his public criticism of Florida legislation that opponents dubbed the “Don’t Say Like Me” law.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in late March signed the bill, which would ban instructions regarding sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten through third grade.

The moment was omitted earlier in the film but was restored after Pixar employees protested Disney’s response to the Florida bill.

Earlier this month, thirteen countries and the Palestinian territories banned the screening of the Pixar film. Disney said the countries that have banned the film include Bahrain, Egypt, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria and the United Arab Emirates.

The film stars described the move as disappointing.

With files from Phil Tsekouras and The Associated Press.

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