Announcing the Golden Globe Nominations

Announcing the Golden Globe Nominations

L.A, 2021-12-13 02:04:18. Announcing the Golden Globe Nominations

NEW YORK – The Hollywood Foreign Press Association will announce its nominations for the 79th Golden Globe Awards on Monday morning. But will Hollywood care?

The Press Syndicate, often derided, even by its hosts, this year went from miserable to pariah. After the Los Angeles Times detailed some of the HFPA’s unethical behavior and revealed that its 87 voting members do not include a single black journalist, studios said they would boycott The Globes and more than 100 PR films said their clients would not participate until the association implemented Hollywood for foreign reporters quickly “a profound and lasting change.” Tom Cruise even brought his three planes back to the group’s headquarters.

But after nine months of overhaul, reorganization, and several pledges to do better, the HFPA does what it always has this time of year: gather reporters early in the morning at the Beverly Hilton to announce its film and television nominations. The ad will be broadcast on the Globes website beginning at 9 a.m. EST.

Critics say the Globes are not yet ready to return to the spotlight. Most of the film industry has kept this awards season award on the HFPA, or ignored it entirely. The majority of studios, PR firms and top-tier talent did not cooperate with the group, which this year scrapped its usual requirement to submit candidates.

Monday morning, the candidates may not celebrate. Some might say “No, thanks.”

But the Globes, even though NBC won’t air their annual show, refused to stay on for the entire season. The Journalists’ Syndicate believes it has made the necessary reforms. “HFPA 2.0,” President-elect Helen Hoyn said. Since being swept away by backlash earlier this year, the group has added a main diversity official; reformed its board of directors; Appointment of 21 new members, including six black journalists; The NAACP brought on a five-year partnership; and update its code of conduct.

Much of the Globes’ strength has always been its live broadcast, which is regularly one of the most-watched non-sports radio programs of the year – although ratings for it, like all award shows, have fallen sharply in recent years. The Globes are often used as a useful promotional tool for the many award winners in theaters in December.

Longtime Globe company, NBC, said in May it would not broadcast the 2022 Globe because “changing that volume takes time and work.”

However, The Globes set a January 9 date to name the winners. The HFPA has not shared any details about what kind of celebration it will be.

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