Bangs and round face

Bangs and round face

Bangs and round face

According to some people, round face and bangs do not mix. However, the multifaceted bangs can quite sublimate a round face by allowing rebalance the volumes. We explain to you.

The bangs, at the top of spring-summer 2016 hairstyle trends

At the same time as the fashion trends, the spring-summer 2016 hairstyle trends are revealed. And that’s good, because the arrival of fine weather makes us want to give ourselves a makeover.

Like last year, crazy colors are still popular! This season for example, expect to see blue and gray heads multiply, yes yes!

May those who prefer “sobriety” be reassured, they can this season change your head in a much less radical way, simply by trying your hand at bangs, back for spring-summer 2016.

This season, long bangs are on the rise, which we will leave stiff or to which we will come to give a little movement. Corn we also saw some short and even asymmetrical fringes in trends.

Clear, they are all “IN” and you will have to make your choice according to your round face and bangs that suits it best if you decide to adopt it.

Why should you try it when you have a round face?

We may tell you the opposite, yet round face and bangs form a duo of thunder! Indeed, when you have some curves, especially at the level of the cheeks, this style of cut can help rebalance the volumes of the face by counterbalancing the volume of the cheeks. Clearly, it makes the face appear slimmer.

In addition, there is not one but many fringes, which means that to each face, a shape corresponds to it. Short, long, thick, tapered, straight or asymmetrical, rather stiff or natural, how can we think that none of these bangs will suit us just because we have a round face?

To try it out safely, two tips. The first one, buy fake clip bangs and check if you really like it before cutting. You can style it in different ways, place it higher or lower to make it shorter, and even cut it a bit yourself. This makes it easy to find the style that’s right for you.

Second tip, rely on a hairstylist. This specialist will indeed be able to advise you in the best way to choose your bangs according to the shape of your face. Moreover, all women regardless of their age or their hair length can try it.

So if you like this style, don’t hesitate, take it!

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